Average Household Water Usage

Ever wonder how much water you actually use each month? How many gallons of water do you get for the money you spend on your water bill each month?

The estimated monthly water consumption can vary greatly depending on the person making it. There are many other factors that can affect the household’s water consumption. In reality, water usage in your household can vary from the average by a significant amount (or even several times). The following factors can impact water consumption in a household:

Swimming Pools Water Usage

A swimming pool is likely to be used more by households that have one. Pool water can be lost through evaporation or spillage. The more you use your pool, the more water it will lose and need to be replaced. Due to increased water evaporation, and spillage, larger swimming pools will use more water.

Lawns & Gardens Water Usage

A lawn or garden in a house will require more water to maintain it. This is particularly true in the spring and summer growing seasons. You will need more water if your garden is larger. If you live in a warmer or drier climate, you will need more water to water your garden. It is also important to consider the type of plants that you have planted in your garden. There are many climate zones in the United States. You can reduce irrigation water usage by choosing plants that are drought-resistant and native to your area.

Bath vs Shower Water Usage

Your household’s water consumption will also be affected if you take a bath instead of taking a shower. An average bath takes 20.2 gallons of water. The average shower uses 15.8 gallons. You will use more water if you take longer showers. It is also important to choose the right shower head. You can reduce water consumption by using more efficient shower heads.

Water Use

On average, a typical American household does 300 loads of laundry each year. However, each household’s laundry frequency will differ. Some households wash multiple loads per day, while others do only one load per week. It is also important to consider how often laundry is done by a household. A household with multiple members will have to do laundry more often than someone who lives alone.

Types of Toilet Tanks Water Use

Your household’s water consumption can be affected by the type of toilet tank you use. Each flush of older toilet tanks can use up to 5 to 7 gallons water. New homes must have a water-efficient commode that uses only 1.5 gallons per flush. This is a reduction of as much as 80% in water consumption per flush.

Water Leaks Water Usage

Leakage in your home could be a major source of water consumption. A dripping faucet, for example, can consume up to 10,800 gallons per month. This is more than 3 people would use in a typical month. Even worse is a leaking toilet, which can consume 21600 gallons per month. This is more than 7 people’s total water use.

What you will learn:

Average Monthly Water Cost by State

State Monthly water bill
Alabama $26
Alaska $37
Arizona $37
Arkansas $22
California $65
Colorado $37
Connecticut $69
Delaware $45
Florida $6
Georgia $29

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Average Water Usage per Month per Person

We have already mentioned that the actual monthly water consumption of your household is dependent on many factors. It may be significantly different than the national average. When comparing your water consumption to the average in the United States, you need to keep this in mind.

With this in mind, an American person uses approximately 3,000 gallons of water per month for watering, showering, flushing the toilet, washing, laundry, watering, recreation and drinking.

Average Water Use per Month for a Family with 2

A family of two living in the United States consumes approximately 6,000 gallons per month.

Average Water Use per Month for a Family with 4

A family of four in the United States consumes approximately 12,000 gallons per month of water.

Water Usage Brokendowns

Let’s take a closer look at water consumption in a typical household. We will show you how water usage is broken down into the main categories.

The average household’s indoor and outdoor water consumptions are almost identical. We will separate indoor and outdoor water consumption.

The table below summarises the average water consumption breakdowns of a typical household in the United States for those who are in a hurry.

Average Water Usage Breakdowns in Typical Households of Different Sizes

Category % Total Household Use Monthly Useage for 1 Person Monthly Useage for a Family with 2 Monthly Useage for a Family with 4
Outdoor Uses: Swimming pool, irrigation, car washing, etc 50% 1500 gallons 3000 gallons 4500 gallons
Toilet Flushing 12% 360 gallons 720 gallons 1440 gallons
Showering 10% 300 gallons 600 gallons 1200 gallons
Faucet Flow 9.5% 285 gallons 570 gallons 1140 gallons
Clothes Washing 8.5% 255 gallons 510 gallons 1020 gallons
Indoor Leaks 6% 180 gallons 360 gallons 720 gallons
Baths 1.5% 45 gallons 90 gallons 180 gallons
Dishwashers 0.5% 15 gallons 30 gallons 60 gallons
Other indoor uses 2% 60 gallons 120 gallons 240 gallons
TOTAL 100% 3000 gallons 6000 gallons 12000 gallons

Household Indoor Water Use

Indoor water usage includes bathing, toilet flushing and showering. The average indoor water consumption for a household in the United States is 4,100 gallons per month.

Toilet Flushing Water Use

Toilet flushing is the most common indoor water use in a home. That’s not surprising. To me, it sure is. A person flushes the toilet five times per day on average. It is responsible for approximately 24% of household indoor water consumption.

That’s 360 gallons per month for a household with one person. That’s 720 gallons for a family with 2 members. It is 1,440 gallons per month for a family with 4 members. 1,440 gallons water per month is enough to flush the toilets.

By upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet that meets WaterSense standards, you can reduce your water consumption.

Showering Water Use

Showering is second only to toilet flushing in indoor water usage. This accounts for approximately 20% of household indoor water consumption.

This is 300 gallons per month for a household with one person. 600 gallons is enough for a family of 2. It is 1,200 gallons per month for a family with 4 members. Each shower uses an average of 15.8 gallons and lasts 7.7 minutes. The average flow rate is 2.1 gallons each minute. The navy shower, which can use less water and lasts just 2 minutes, uses less water.

This is a reduction of over 80% in water consumption just by using shorter showers. You can reduce the time it takes to shower by switching to one of the more efficient shower heads on the market.

Water Use

Faucet flow is the water that flows through open faucets. It covers the kitchen, bathroom, utility sink faucets and hosebibs. It is the 3 biggest indoor water use in a typical house. It is responsible for approximately 19% of household indoor water consumption.

This is 285 gallons per month for a household of one. That’s 570 gallons for a family with 2 members. It is 1,140 gallons per month for a family with 4 members. Faucets are open for an average of 30 seconds with a flow rate of 1 GPM (gallons/minute) and an average discharge volume of 0.5 gallons (1,9 liters) each time.

Clothes Washing water

Clothes washing accounts for 4 of the largest indoor water use in a typical house. It is responsible for approximately 17% of household indoor water consumption.

This is 255 gallons per month for a household of one. That’s 510 gallons for a family with 2 members. It is 1,020 Gallons per month for a family with 4 members. A typical household is responsible for washing 300 loads of laundry each year.

Upgrading to a new clothes washer that meets the ENERGY STAR standard by the United States Environmental Protection Agency can help reduce water consumption.

Indoor Leaks Water Usage

Leaks are the 5 most common indoor water use in a home. It is responsible for approximately 12% of household indoor water consumption. This is shocking to me. One study found that indoor leaks are present at almost 90% of all households.

Indoor leaks can cause a loss of 6200 gallons per year in a household. Water leaks are most common in the form of running toilets, leaking flappers, partially open or dripping faucets and cracked or opened supply lines.

These leaks can be fixed and your water bill will drop significantly. Keep in mind that the 12% figure does not include indoor leaks. Outdoor leaks include leaks on outdoor bibs.

Baths Water Usage

Baths are only 3% of indoor water consumption in a typical household. Because most people only take baths very rarely, this figure is lower than for showers (3%) vs 20% (20%). 53 percent of households are shower-only, meaning they don’t take baths.

Only 2.7 people take a bath each week in households that don’t have to. This compares to the average household’s 12.4 weekly showers. A bath is more efficient than a shower, as it uses less water per use. The average bath uses 20.2 Gallons of water, while the average shower uses 15.8 Gallons. You can cut down on water consumption by switching to a shower if you still take baths.

Dishwashers Water Use

The household’s indoor water consumption is only 1% for dishwashers. Each week, the average American household uses 1.8 dishwasher loads. Average water consumption per load is 6.1 Gallons. Switching to the most efficient ENERGY STAR dishwashers can reduce that amount to 2.4 to 3.2 gallons each load.

Household Outdoor Water Use

Water used outdoors for landscaping irrigation, backwashing swimming pools, washing cars and pavement with water from outdoor faucets (hosebibs).

The outdoor water consumption of an individual household varies greatly depending on the weather, size of their yard and whether or not they have a swimming pool. The average household’s outdoor water consumption ranges from 1,100 gallons to Scottsdale, Arizona, and 1100 gallons to Waterloo Canada. On average, a household in the United States uses approximately 4,100 gallons of outdoor water per month.

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