Best Anno Game: Series Ranked from Best to Worst (2022)

Anno is a well-known real-time strategy that focuses primarily on building cities with the objective of creating a colony and building relationships with neighboring islands.

There are seven Anno games today. Each Anno game features a different time period. This allows you to play not just in the past, but also in the future.

This makes it easier to choose the right Anno game for you.

This list ranks Anno games from best to worst to make it easier for you to find the best Anno game.

Are you curious to find out which Anno game is best?

You are most likely correct, so read on.

Anno 1800

Anno 1800 is the best Anno game. It was released relatively recently and has won the hearts of millions of fans.

This installment is very similar to Anno 1404 or Anno 2070. It was just updated to the Industrial Age of the nineteenth century and features an incredible graphical interface.

Another useful feature is the blueprint mode. This allows you to design new buildings without spending any resources. Once you have all the necessary materials, you can click one button to start building it.

Anno 1800 is by far the best Anno title. It brings back all the great features from Anno 2205 and polishes them while adding some new ones. Anno 1800 is my favorite title in the Anno series.

Anno 1404

Anno 1404, the fourth Anno installment, is the second-best Anno game. It was released a decade back.

This Anno release takes us further than any other Anno release. It brings us to the fifteenth century and down to the medieval eras and the renaissance.

It also includes expansions for some of the existing Anno games and some new features.

Graphics are the most noticeable. This is a significant improvement in quality over Anno 1701; however, graphics are no longer a factor for me to rank Anno games series. It makes the game much simpler. It could be that it’s just me, since I was a good player in the 2000s.

Anno 1404 also includes new cultural distinct areas, Occident, Orient, civilization classes ratios, new housing level levels, and a plethora more quests than its older brothers.

Anno 1404 is a great Anno game that confidently maintains the second place after the latest Anno game. You should definitely check it out, especially if you don’t have the system requirements for Anno 1800.

Anno 2070

Anno 2070 is the last Anno game I recommend. It is set in a fictional world created after global warming in 2070.

There is virtually no new functionality; everything has been adapted to the futuristic setting.

Personally, I like the new system of politics that brings all the players under one global government. Voting for a World President is a way to impact the future development.

In conclusion, although I think there are two better games than Anno 2070, you can still try it.

Anno 2205

Anno 2205, another Anno game, takes place in the future.

Instead of leading a colony, you can run a corporation and compete with others to create world-changing technology.

Anno fans were disappointed by this game. I don’t recommend it. It is too simplistic. It is true. Anno 2205 was designed for mass markets and the gameplay is worse than the previous three versions. I can’t place it lower because of the inept graphics.

You can simply click and follow the instructions. There is no need to think or solve problems. Simply tap and wait. It’s a browser game that you can download for free, but it is designed to make money.

Anno 1701

Anno 1503, the first game in the Anno series, had a lot of innovations. This makes Anno 1503 a bit better than its predecessors.

It takes place in 18th century.

First, Anno 1701 stops focusing on combat and instead focuses on trade and economics, just like Anno 1602.

Second, the Queen who occupies all the earth brings her own order. She expects that you will pay her a lot in return for your freedom. You will need to fight for it.

Anno 1701 also introduces the “Trader Assignments”, and “Guests Of Honor” series that are occasionally used.

The first allows players to complete various types of assignments which lead to monetary rewards. However, the second gives you a huge bonus from any random guests who might visit. This makes the game more enjoyable.

The third installment of the game exposes players to the danger of natural disasters, which can do a lot to their settlements and settlers.

Anno 1701 may have improved some aspects and provided a better interface, but it’s still not worth the money because there are better Anno games.

Anno 1602

Despite having the least visual interface, Anno 1602, the first game in the series, managed to place sixth on the list. This is due to its gameplay.

Anno 1602 was first released in 1998. It quickly became a top-selling game that year. It has been sold more than 2.7 million copies around the world, according to statistics.

The game takes place in the early modern period of historical history, which is the end of the Middle Ages. Although the core gameplay and objectives of all Anno games series are pretty similar, I want to explore some of the details of the first Anno installment.

Anno 1602 is not focused on technology that can be used to win over other colonies in wars. It focuses instead on the development of the inner economy. You might consider increasing the size of your ships’ load, instead of adjusting their better weapons.

Although I wouldn’t recommend purchasing and playing Anno 2, it is a great pleasure to say “Thank you” for creating such a wonderful game back in 1998.

Anno 1503

Anno 1503 was published in 2002. This is the second Anno part, and it takes us to 16th century.

It didn’t bring anything new to the game, so it was placed last among the best Anno games. This is because it has not had as much impact on the industry than its predecessor. It has nothing new, but it does have a different combat system and a higher level of civilization.

It is safe to say that Anno 1800 and Anno 1404 are the Anno games worth playing. Anno 2070 is the best of the three.

Don’t rush to buy it. Maybe you don’t like the past and the future is better for you. Or maybe your computer doesn’t meet Anno 1800’s system requirements.

All things can be true. In the first case, consider Anno 2070. In the second Anno 1404.

I hope you found my Anno game ranking useful and that you were able to identify the best Anno game.

Let me know in comments if you disagree or agree with my list, and which Anno game you think is the best.

Thank you for reading!

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