65 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases and Covers in 2020

Cases are amongst that one universal accessory that almost every smartphone buyer purchases. No matter how smart and powerful your iPhone 11 Pro, it needs some TLC. Some of the best iPhone 11 Pro cases are like special gifts that protect and enhances their beauty and versatility.

But in a market full of cases, how do you select the best one? Everyone has different personalities, usage, and demands. So, a case might be great for me, but worthless for you. To help you find the perfect match, I have developed this all-inclusive list of cases.

65 Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases and Covers in 2020

Before we jump on to the listing, let me transparent and share my selection process. We have taken around 13 categories, and only the crème de la crème made it to the list.

Each case is being judged on various parameters such as the brand, price point, aesthetics, usability, functionality, among other things. In most scenarios, these factors are discussed, so that you can easily select the one for you.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Cases

The name says it all!! These cases can serve as a wallet as well. Though, the wallet capacity varies according to a pattern chosen. Yes!! there’s variety here as well, folio-style, back-flip wallet, back-pocket or engineered pull-out pockets.While some of these enable you to carry just one card, some offer options for up to 10 slots.

Interestingly, the functionality is not limited to just a mere wallet. Designers have smartly incorporated features such as a kickstand, wireless charging, magnetic-snap on, magnetic mount-friendly, and so on.

Pros: You don’t have to carry or remember to carry a wallet separately. A wallet case will take care of your phone and other essentials.

Cons: Though available in slim profiles, a wallet case tends to bulk up easily. Especially when filled to the brim by cards or cash.

Who is it for?

Those who are forgetful, love organizing, gym, and almost everyone who doesn’t like carrying multiple items. Just pick your iPhone, confirm that cards are inside, and leave for the desired destination. This all-in-one case has your covered in almost every situation.

Top Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. BellRoy Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Look and Feel: One word that crosses my mind after seeing bellroy products and their respective prices is ‘Premium’. Crafted from flex polymer and high-quality leather the case looks smart and sophisticated. A hidden compartment doubles as a wallet and can house 3 cards or cash.

The Features You Will Love

  • Wallet pocket keeps your valuables well-protected, thanks to a magnetic closure.
  • Apart from a hidden wallet, the case also integrates a sneaky SIM and pin slot.
  • The flip cover doubles up as a kickstand for horizontal viewing.
  • A snug fit offers a surprisingly slim silhouette, keeping the device safe against daily wear and tears
  • Chamfered edges allow comfortable grip and shock-absorbing protection

Verdict: If you are biased towards minimalistic accessories and aren’t a fan of folio casesthen the bellroy wallet case is a great choice. Though an expensive option, but a totally worthy one.

#2. LUPA Faux Leather Flip Wallet Case 

Look and Feel: An ultra-slim iPhone 11 Pro wallet case made from rugged, soft and eco-friendly PU leather that neither stains or fades easily. The case offers an elegant and beautiful solution to carry your iPhone, credit cards, IDs and up to 4 bills.

The Features You Will Love

  • Secure magnetic closure keeps the phone, cards, and money securely locked.
  • The Lupa wallet case supports wireless charging and wireless payments including Apple Card or Apple Pay.
  • Raised bezels around the camera and the screen, protect against scratches from hard surfaces.
  • Arrives in attractive packaging, making it perfect for gifting purposes as well.

Verdict: Whether you like to keep your device in pocket or bag, the LUPA wallet case will offer full protection against scratches, scuff marks and drops.

#3. Leather Wallet Case From LOHASIC

Look and Feel: A stylish wallet case with a back wallet flip. Handcrafted from soft vegan leather, the case can incorporate 3 card slots, a cash slot and a transparent window for a photo.

The Features You Will Love

  • The screen is not covered, the flip is incorporated in the back.
  • The leather case lends anti-slip and fingerprint-resistance.
  • Strong magnetic buttons do not allow your cards or valuables to fall off accidentally.
  • The backflip can transform into a convenient kickstand case for a hands-free viewing experience.
  • Supports wireless charging once you open the flap and remove all cards.

Verdict: While the LOHASIC case looks quite impressive, I particularly liked the customer reviews for the product. The case has managed to strike the perfect balance between stylish looks and device protection.

#4. Burkley Book-Style Detachable Wallet Case 

Look and Feel: If handcrafted, luxury, and premium leather are your search terms, then Burkley will surely fit the bill. Modeled by skilled artisans from high quality genuine Turkish leather, the case oozes vintage feel.

The Features You Will Love

  • Burkley hosts a bi-fold wallet flip design and a detachable snap-on cover.
  • The bi-fold section has 9 credit card slots, 1 visible ID slot, and 2 cash pockets.
  • The metal back on the snap-on case offers support for some of the best magnetic car mounts.
  • Moreover, you can also makeshift the case into a sturdy and stable kickstand.
  • The magnet used is strong and smart enough to keep the wallet closed and your cards safe.
  • Despite magnets and metal plate, the case does not hinder wireless charging, Apple Pay or any other NFC application.

Verdict: A no-namesake wallet, you genuinely get enough space to carry almost all your daily essentials. Moreover, the iPhone remains safe and sound while looking extremely classic and stylish.

#5. Dockhem Synthetic Leather Wallet Case

Look and Feel: Crafted from premium vintage style synthetic leather, the case looks quite sophisticated and professional. So much so, that it even earned a special place in our listing of executive cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

The Features You Will Love

  • Even when the case houses 2 cards, it remains slim at only 14 mm thickness.
  • The back cover has two separate slots for cards or bills.
  • An integrated metal plate adds magnetic mounting capability; though that works best with Dockem’s Magno Mount v3 series car mounts.
  • The uniquely placed metal plate keeps the device wireless charger friendly.

Verdict: Not super high on protection, it is good, if clumsiness is not amongst your major concerns. The attributes it lacks in protection are compensated by other multiple features offered by the case.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Bumper Cases

Quite like the bumper of a car, your iPhone’s bumpers are of much importance. Available in quite a few variations, the first and foremost job profile of these cases is to protect the bumper/edges of the phone.

All bumper cases incorporate a solid protective frame that covers the corners. The structure often comes with raised bezels around the camera and screen. This lifts them off flat surfaces, avoiding scratches and scuff marks.

Pros: You can rest assured that the corners and edges of your iPhone are well-protected during accidental falls and slips

Cons: The minimalistic design lacks add-on functionalities such as kickstands, metal plates or hidden pockets.

Who is it for?

iPhone users who want to avoid the bulk added by most protective covers, but still desire protection for their device. Depending upon the case selected and their usage, the user might have to add a glass screen protector.

Top Bumper Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Spigen Ultra Hybrid TPU Bumper Case 

Look and Feel: The case incorporates a TPU bumper with a durable PC back in a slim and hybrid structure. The material combination offers a smooth, comfortable texture and longer-lasting clarity.

The Features You Will Love

  • Crystal clear transparency that allows you to flaunt original phone design.
  • Thanks to a hybrid defense and air cushion technology, the device is protected against daily drops.
  • A pocket-friendly, slim-profile is maintained.
  • Extends support for most good-rated wireless chargers.

Verdict: Spigen products are amongst my favorite for their quality and design. Obviously, in my biased opinion, this iPhone 11 Pro bumper case gets a big thumbs up.

#2. ESR Metal Frame Bumper Case

Look and Feel: ESR protective case is basically metal armor and soft inner bumper frame. The ultra-thin lightweight frame offers needed protection while negating any bulk back panel would have added.

The Features You Will Love

  • A barely-there case that lends sure-shot protection
  • The shockproof aluminum-alloy frame avoids external damages
  • While the inner TPU lining absorbs shock during accidental drops
  • Four raised corners ensure screen and camera lens is well protected
  • Precise cutouts, tactile buttons, and wireless charging support maintain the device’s functionality.

Verdict: iPhone 11 Pro is embedded with a stainless steel frame and strong front and back glass. So just a bumper frame shall suffice, especially if you belong to the vigilant gentry.

#3. TORRAS HD Clear Bumper Case 

Look and Feel: A seamless, ultra-thin, anti-fingerprint and clear as crystal case to show off your gorgeous iPhone 11 Pro. Crafted from German imported Bayer TPU and aliphatic polycarbonate back ensures 10 times more Anti-yellowing.

The Features You Will Love

  • First and foremost, the device looks amazing in the transparent covering.
  • Patented X-Shock design provides extra cushion on the corners.
  • A rubberish bumper along the rims provide thorough shock absorption.
  • Along with a comfortable silky grip, the case also maintains wireless charging support.

Verdict: It’s best of both worlds; the protection of a shockproof case and the looks of a naked device.

#4. OIFEN Frameless TPU Bumper Case 

Look and Feel: An almost naked case that is just 0.04 inch thick. Somewhat opened on the sides, it only has top and bottom bumper covers and hard PC back panel. You will barely feel that a case is covering and protecting the device.

The Features You Will Love

  • A case well-loved by your hands, pockets and wireless chargers (thanks to no bulk)
  • The high-quality hard plastic used is scratch-resistant, anti-fingerprints and does not fades.
  • Corners are safeguarded by 4 TPU shockproof edgings.
  • An impressive “ring on a string” feature converts the case into a ring-holder case while supporting wireless chargers.

Verdict: Along with accentuating the natural beauty of the iPhone 11 Pro, the case effectively protects it as well. That’s ought to be a great plus.

#5. Miracase Metal Frame Bumper Case

Look and Feel: It’s time to bring some patterns and colors to our list; though that’s not the best part of this case. Miracase lends 360-degree coverage with a shock-absorbent TPU bumper, a polycarbonate backplate, and a built-in screen protector.

The Features You Will Love

  • 10/10 on design, protection, pocket-friendliness, and budget-friendliness
  • The dual-layer system forms a defensive covering around the device’s body.
  • Port accessibility, button sensitivity, and wireless features are well maintained.
  • Available in some lovely electric shades and pattern
  • Options to enhance functionality with additional accessories such as pop-sockets or ring-holders.

Verdict: Whether the iPhone falls face down or up, all edges are offered equal protection. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about anything during an awkward moment.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Leather Cases

Nothing can beat the elegance, class, and charisma of a leather product; not even the best of faux leather. For one, the patinas developed on leather with use are undoubtedly unique. While other cases may wither and wear out, a genuine leather case gets better with age, developing a rich character that is uniquely yours.

Leather cases are usually hand-carved and hand-stitched by trained and skilled artisans. Though that shoots up the price point, you get to own a one of a kind case. Most of the listed instances double as wallet cases, thanks to their similar functionality.

Pros: Everything from aesthetics, hand-feel to style quotient, spells out luxury and comfort. You will not just be holding one the smartest device, it will be clothed in one of the most luxe ensembles.

Cons:It’s not an animal-friendly or a pocket-friendly option. Further, protection is not amongst the critical feature of these cases.

Who is it for?

Whether the CEO’s or the high-society social butterfly, the case can enhance their impression. In turn, these cases are a great choice for those who often want to make an affluent and exclusive statement.

Top Leather Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Twelve South BookBook Leather Case

Look and Feel: Is it a book you are holding or an iPhone? Is it a leather case, wallet case, rugged case or stand case? Well, Twelve South BookBook is a beautiful, unique folio case that can serve many purposes.

The Features You Will Love

  • Hand-finished from full-grain premium leather, it exudes luxury, class, and individuality
  • Incorporates a fully-detachable magnetic leather iPhone shell, can be used within the wallet or as is.
  • Wallet portion hosts 4 interior slots and a side pocket slot for folded bills/receipts
  • BookBook also includes a built-in viewing stand
  • Simply detach the case and take benefit of wireless charging or car mounts
  • A 30-millimeter magnetic tab ensures the case remains closed when not in use.

Verdict: While the BookBook lends a vintage book-like feel, it also ensures modern-day protection. I have been using a similar case for my iPad, and I am loving its feel, protection, and longevity.

#2. Apple Leather Case

Look and Feel: When it comes to any Apple-designed product, you can blindly trust the quality and durability. Extend the same feeling towards this specially tanned and finished European leather bumper case.

The Features You Will Love

  • The Apple logo in the back, is there something more minimalistic and classy than that?
  • Aluminum accented buttons perfectly match the case finish
  • Thoroughly tested, protects your iPhone from scratches and drops
  • Wireless charging compatibility
  • Available in some amazing colors, including the Product Red

Verdict: Whether in terms of fit, functionality or looks, this case checks out every aspect. An Apple-designed accessory for an Apple iPhone, isn’t that an obvious choice?

#3. Mujjo Premium Soft Leather Wallet Case

Look and Feel: A masterpiece is birthed when the right material meets flawless craftsmanship. And this here is an example of the same. Fully wrapped in soft, supple vegetable-tanned leather, the Mujjo case offers a comfortable, warmer and grippy feel.

The Features You Will Love

  • A pouch on the back turns iPhone into a wallet, that can fit 2 to 3 cards
  • Available in beautiful colors that are enriched with an aniline oil treatment
  • Your phone is nestled in a satin-like, Japnese microfiber lining
  • Once the leather softens with use, feel free to fit up to 5 cards
  • Buttons are also protected with a leather cover while maintaining their responsiveness

Verdict: While looks could kill, this one breathes liveliness into your handheld device. I particularly love the colors and that they will age beautifully and uniquely.

#4. Pad & Quill Bella Fino Edition Leather Case

Look and Feel: Look and Feel: Luxurious full-grain American leather, UV-resistant nylon stitching, and elegant french-hemmed seams create a seamless, rich, and protective casing for our iPhone. Indeed one of a kind cases, Pad & Quill cases are backed with a 25-year leather warranty.

The Features You Will Love

  • Incorporates contrast colored inner lining, for better looks
  • You can also opt for a custom elastic strap or choose to remove it altogether
  • The front flip incorporates ultra-slim leather card pockets that can house up to 6-8 Cards/Cash
  • Once you break it in, the case ages beautifully
  • Maintains your devices’ Qi compatibility

Verdict: Though a little heavy on your bank, the luxe leather cases from Pad & Quill are totally worth it. Further, the option of customization adds a tinge more of exclusiveness to the accessory.

#5. Nomad Tri-Folio Leather Case

Look and Feel: The case incorporates a supple, yet durable, Horween leather along with a sleek rubber bumper around the edges. Thanks to this, it can offer the strength of a rugged case with the functionality of a wallet case.

The Features You Will Love

  • The bi-fold flap offers great storage with four card slots and two cash pockets
  • Thanks to the TPE bumper and rubber body, the case lends up to 6ft Drop Protection
  • With dual-lanyard points, you can hold the case any way you desire
  • Despite the triple-fold design, the case maintains a sleek, thin profile
  • Compatible with wireless charging

Verdict: Whether at the office, a party or on a wilderness trip Nomad Rugged will protect your device. Though the best part is that it will look elegant and beautiful while doing so.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Clear Cases

There is a reason why Apple introduces color variants for its flagship phone every year; So you can show it off. While cases are a necessity, they do tend to hide the real beauty of your iPhone.

Clear cases allow the pure magnificence of your devices to shine out. As always, there’s a million variety available under the tag. Whether a barely-there case or a military-grade one, you’ll get a perfect match easily, probably in this listing itself.

Pros: For one, they are clear!! Moreover, manufacturers do not hold back in terms of material, functionality, or protection. So you kind of get the best of everything.

Cons: Clear cases, especially super-cheap ones, turns yellowish with use. Since that beats the whole point, you may have to switch cases regularly.

Who is it for?

Everyone!! Who does not enjoy showing off once in a while! After all, you own one of the smartest phones in the industry. And now that you get cases with shock-resistance, anti-yellow and anti-fingerprint coating, the category is up for grabs.

Top Clear Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Speck Gemshell Clear Case

Look and Feel: A clean, crystal clear, grippy clear case that neither compromises on look or protection. Speck earns its entitlement of ‘Gemshell,’ thanks to a antimicrobial treatment dubbed as Microban technology. This keeps the case is protected from stains and odor causing bacteria.

The Features You Will Love

  • Durable dual-layered protection that protects and cushions the device
  • Designed for impact the case exceeds MIL-SPEC drop-test standards
  • The Antimicrobial treatment keeps the case fresh looking
  • No unecessary bulk, the profile remains slim and pocket-friendly
  • Raised bezels keeps the screen protected

Verdict: Almost all products from Speck are designed with equal attention to details, aesthetics and protection. This one’s no differrent, you get military grade protection in a crystal clear slim package.

#2. ESR Mimic Designer Transparent Case

Look and Feel: Well, the name says it all! The mimic series by ESR features a tempered glass back panel that lets the real color of your phone shine through. Along with a smooth finish and good hand feel, the glass lends ample protection as well.

The Features You Will Love

  • The back glass sports 9H-hardness, that offers scratch and scraper resistance
  • Installation and removal is pretty easy thanks to the soft TPU frame
  •  In-built air guard corners lends effective shock-absorbtion
  • It’s thin, lightweight and yet protective
  • The brand offers lifetime warranty

Verdict: A mimicking glass back! Now that’s my kind of clear case. You get the goddness of clarity without the worries of yellowing silicone, fingerprints, smudge marks or scratches.

#3. DTTO Metal Luster Edge Clear Case

Look and Feel: Did someone say, ‘shine bright like a diamond’, DTTO heard the sentiment. With metallic luster edges and a ultra-clear back, your smartphone is more show-off worthy that ever.

The Features You Will Love

  • Color options for the mettalic edges to ensure perfect match with your device
  • The mettalic trimming does not hinder button tactility
  • A slim fit design with non-slip grip
  • Raised lips to lift away the screen and camera lens from scratches

Verdict: A great case for those who wants to stand/shine out. The best part is that the mettalic accents are not in your face; they smarty adopt the minimilistic character of the device.

#4. CYRILL Ciel Pattern Transparent Case

Look and Feel: Confused between a clear case or a designer case!! Why choose when the Ciel collection lets’ you in the best of both worlds.

The Features You Will Love

  • The abstract lines and glossy accents on the transparent back looks jazzy yet subtle
  • A slim and grip-friendly profile offers both aesthetics and comfortable usage
  • An Air Cushion technology lends shock absorbency for the device
  • Powered by Spigen, the case promises utmost quality and durability
  • Compatible with wireless charging

Verdict: What’s not to love about this case? The Spigen*Ciel collection offers the right blend between trusted protection and beautiful design.

#5. UAG Feather-Light Rugged Transparent Case

Look and Feel: UAG Plyo offers a package that offers a clear, feather light, dramatically thin, friction free, lint resistance and military-grade protection.

The Features You Will Love

  • Despite the feather-light design, the case can survive up to 4’ height
  • The unique honeycomb design gives the device cushioning
  • Offers compatibility with wireless charging and NFC payments scheme
  • Ultra-responsive tactile buttons

Verdict: It might not be the thinnest or the clearest case in our list, though it manages to offer a complete package.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Cases

While water is a necessity for our body, it can be harmful to our device’s body. iPhone 11 Pro is IP68 rated and can stand on its own for some while. However, if your work or play keeps you near water, you definitely need better protection.

Waterproof cases are 2 part cases. When the upper and lower body pieces are joined, the device gets sealed inside. All buttons and ports are adequately covered so that no water does not seep in.

Pros: Thanks to this case, you can take your phone underwater. Click some awe strikingly beautiful pictures and videos. Moreover, its ruggedness also comes in handy during other adventure trips.

Cons: A waterproof case is only successful when properly installed, so users have to be very careful. Moreover, they are a bit bulkier, so not the perfect choice for daily usage.

Who is it for?

Travelers, swimmers, underwater enthusiasts, adventure junkies, backpackers, etc. If your phone is at risk or you intentionally take chances with it. Additionally, this one’s a compulsion resident of colder, thundershower prone areas.

Top Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: Amongst the most selling WaterProof cases in the US and rightly so! The case offer premium protection in a neat and sleek package along with comfortable grip and great looks.

The Features You Will Love

  • Your device becomes waterproof, snowproof, dustproof and droproof
  • The in-built screen protector is clear, slim and virtually invisible
  • Access to ports or controls is well-maintained
  • Optimised audio support with proper speaker and mic ports
  • Fantastic color options to pep-up the device aesthetics

Verdict: The ‘FRĒ’ series offers adventure junkies free reign to take and use their iPhones on their escapades. Moreover, the colors variants are quite chic.

#2. ANTSHARE IP68 Certified Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: A clear double-layered design that blocks water but not the devices’ Qi compatibility. So, take it underwater or drop it on a wireless charger without a second thought.

The Features You Will Love

  • IP68 waterproof rating that lends protection up to 6.6 ft deep for 1 hours
  • Resists drops from 6.6ft or 2m height
  • Adapts to harsh environments with dust,sand, and snow proof protection
  • Compatible with wireless charging
  • Special handling for each port that lends easy access to all buttons, controls, ports and functions

Verdict: Antshare manages to offer a full-featured case at a budget-friendly price. Definitely a great pick for travellers on a strict budget.

#3. Dooge Fully Submersive Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: Dodge the worries of waterproofing your phone with this fully-sealed, heavy duty protective case. It can withstand up to 5M underwater depth for a half-hour!

The Features You Will Love

  • Full-submersible under the depth of 9.8ft – 16.5ft underwater for half-hour
  • Shock and drop proof up to height of 6.6ft
  • AR coated optical lenses lends crystal-clear photos and videos
  • Maintain Qi compatibility of the device
  • The colored accents on the edges looks sporty and sassy

Verdict: Crafted for various outdoor activities like swimming, camping, skiing, hiking etc., Dooge is a worth buying case for adventure aficionados.

#4. Lamcase Crystal Clear Waterproof Case 

Look and Feel: A slim and minimalistic designed case that lets you flaunt the iPhone’s true beauty and functionality even underwater.

The Features You Will Love

  • Fully sealed body offers protection against water, rain, snow, drop, dust, etc.
  • Scratch resistant panels keeps daily wear and tear at bay
  • A lanyard provision offers additional carrying option
  • Offers unobstructed wireless charging support
  • Installation is quite easy and stress-free

Verdict: What strikes me as gold is the lightweight and pocket-friendly form fit of Lamcase. Moreover, it also comes with a pretty decent price tag.

#5. Temdan Ultra-thin Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: Weighing just 69g/2.4oz Temdan is amongst the lightest and thinnest waterproof cases, thanks to which you get a comfortable and secure grip.

The Features You Will Love

  • Exceeded IP68 standard, lending water-resistance up to 6.6 ft/2 m deep.
  • Seamlessly adapts to harsh environments, providing rain, snow, dirt and dust proof protection.
  • A special sound enhancement system ensures call and audio quality is well-maintained.
  • A two-piece snap on design makes installation and removal super simple.
  • The slim form factor does not block wireless charging signal.

Verdict: If you want to keep a waterproof case 24*7, then this one might be your best bet. It is secure enough for the outdoorsy activity and compact enough for regular usage.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Magnetic Cases

Magnetic cases are a wild-wild category, as any case that sports a magnet or metal plate is counted, even if the magnet is just to secure the wallet case. Thankfully, we have only considered some serious contenders.

Though mind it! Even that list has a few different variants. You will find cases that are magnetic mount friendly to cases that use magnetic strength to encase the device.

Pros: The benefits vary; you may get mount-ability, kickstand, ring-holder, safe encasing, and much much more. In short, the best part of a magnetic case is its functionality.

Cons: Most magnetic cases does not support wireless charging. Also, magnets could affect your credit and debit cards.

Who is it for?

Mostly, it is preferred by commuters who travel by car and need navigation assist. Since some magnetic mounts can juice up the device, so avid users also like such cases.

Top Magnetic Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Pitaka Super Slim Magnetic Case

Look and Feel: An ‘almost naked’ iPhone cover crafted from a mil-grade material Aramid Fiber. It may feel like this as paper but is 5x stronger than steel.

The Features You Will Love

  • At just 0.03in and 0.59oz, its ultra-slim and super-light.
  • In-built metal plates enable perfect compatibility with Pitaka MagEZ Mount Qi.
  • The specially designed plates do not interfere with wireless charging or signals.
  • Despite a minimalist form factor, the case lends daily drop protection.
  • The 3D grippy texture is scratch resistance, soft and comfortable to hold.

Verdict: Whether its aesthetics, shield, hand feel, or functionality, the Pitaka case has many ups. However, one downside is that it is only compatible with the brands’ magnetic car mount.

#2. SQMCase Carbon Fiber Design

Look and Feel: Soft TPU bumper with crystal clear back makes for exclusively smart and minimalistic design.

The Features You Will Love

  • 360° and 180° rotatable ring holder offers extra grip.
  • A built-in metal plate can be attached to most magnetic car mount.
  • The ring doubles as a fold-able kickstand for horizontal viewing.
  • Shock absorbing corners and raised edges lend 360° body protection.
  • The transparent back has anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint protection.

Verdict: Great hand-feel, impressive looks, secure grip, comfortable kickstand, and convenient magnetic mount, at an affordable price tag. What more does one need?

#3. ESTPEAK – No, Peeking!!

Look and Feel: A two-part case that sticks together magnetically to make one slender, anti-peep, and protective casing.

The Features You Will Love

  • Strong magnetic adsorption clips both parts together effectively.
  • No peeps allowed as the front tempered glass has an anti-spy coating.
  • The case maintains a slim and lightweight profile.
  • The transparent back shows off your device.
  • Metal bumper lends protection against falls or bumps.
  • No hindrance to Face ID unlock.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Maintains Qi compatibility.

Verdict: With both security and privacy in the offering, this case is a perfect accessory for travelers, executives, and secret agents!

#4. Ghostek Exec Wallet Case

Look and Feel: Ghostek uses magnetism to modularize its offering. The case sports a detachable wallet, built-in magnet, and Qi-compatibility.

The Features You Will Love

  • The leather card pocket can hold up to 4 Cards.
  • Magnet makes a smooth and sturdy connection with car mounts.
  • Remove the wallet for wireless charging compatibility.
  • The multi-layer structure lends military-grade protection.
  • The case also sports a secure anti-slip grip.

Verdict: An excellent choice for users who love versatility and desire to pep things up according to the scenario.

#5. JUQITECH Super Strong Magnetic Case

Look and Feel: A folio wallet, slim bumper case, and magnetic magic, JUQITECH rolls all into one.

The Features You Will Love

  • Ultra-strong magnets gift detachability to the bumper case.
  • The slim case can be attached to car mounts, fridge, and other metallic places
  • You can place the detached case on a wireless charger to juice up.
  • The wallet flap can hold up to 3 cards.
  • With RFID technology, your cards are the same from unauthorized scans.
  • Front flap doubles as a kickstand for hands-free convenience.

Verdict: Vintage looks and professional elegance accompany amazing features. Moreover, the pricing is pretty decent, as well.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Ring Holder Cases

Ring holders enable you to easier and secure one-hand usage. Your fingers can simply flip the extension and make it drop-resistant. The said extensions can also double as stand cases for hands-free usage.

Moreover, a metal plate is often added into the mix to make the case mount friendly. While quite functional, ring holders are often underestimated. For one, most consider them great for ‘girly girls’ and not something they might like. Just surf through the listing to clear off any such misconception.

Pros: Gripping the phone by a finger can be a blessing when you have your hands full or while clicking a picture. Plus, with the built-in kickstand, you can video chat or binge-watch hands-free.

Cons:The misconception that surrounds it; at times, manufactures take it too seriously and introduces just blingy cases. Also, the bulk of the ring can be troublesome to fit in extremely slim pockets.

Who is it for?

Those who want more from their cases, whether a kickstand, pop-socket or magnetic-mount friendliness. This one’s particularly great for butterfingers, the enhanced grip helps them immensely.

Top Ring Holder Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. iMangoo Ring Holder Case

Look and Feel: The case incorporates a supple, yet durable, Horween leather along with a sleek rubber bumper around the edges. Thanks to this, it can offer the strength of a rugged case with the functionality of a wallet case.

The Features You Will Love

  • Clear, sleek, and sophisticated cover with no shazam whatsoever!
  • An automatic spring ring design opens up by pressing the middle metal panel.
  • The ring can swivel 360° for optimal comfort.
  • The built-in metal plate can be attached to magnetic mounts.
  • Air-cushioned corners raised lips, and scratch protection for full protection.

Verdict: Dear clumsy ones, don’t choose between showing off your device and protecting it; choose this case instead.

#2. Amuoc Military Grade Ring Grip Case

Look and Feel: The case incorporates a supple, yet durable, Horween leather along with a sleek rubber bumper around the edges. Thanks to this, it can offer the strength of a rugged case with the functionality of a wallet case.

The Features You Will Love

  • The dual-layer hybrid lends impact resistance, anti-collision, scratch-resistance, shockproof and a non-slip grip.
  • The built-in ring holder/ kickstand is convenient, comfortable, and versatile.
  • It can be attached to magnetic car holders.
  • Available in some beautiful chic colors.

Verdict: With a 4.7 rating from over 9000 users and some raving reviews, Amuoc makes for a worthy companion for your device.

#3. J.west Ring Stand Holder Case

Look and Feel: Here comes the oomph!! From the color combination to the ring pattern, everything in the case is a little extra. And we love it!!

The Features You Will Love

  • Glittering mermaid scale pattern.
  • The ring holder is styled like a real ring
  • No hindrance during wireless charging.
  • IMD Technology ensures the print does not fade away.
  • Raised bezels and strong corners effectively absorb shock and prevent scratches.

Verdict: ‘Cause if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring(holder case) on it.’ And when it comes to vivid prints and patterns, you can trust J.west blindly.

#4. B BELK Finger Ring Holder Case

Look and Feel: Made from genuine leather, B BELK inculcates a soft, comfortable, and grippy hand-feel. The color-block design gives a sophisticated, rich look.

The Features You Will Love

  • Made with premium genuine cowhide leather.
  • The ring/kickstand offers multiple holding and viewing angles as it rotates 360° * 270°.
  • A small pocket in the back can store cards and bills.
  • The hardback cover protects against daily wear and tear.
  • The brand offers a lifetime warranty.

Verdict: B BELK sports an elegant profile with proficient functionality, making it a perfect choice for almost everyone.

#5. WATACHE Ring Grip Holder Case

Look and Feel: Watch it!! From the colored carbon fiber trimming to the hybrid clear back, WATACHE is set to steal your heart!

The Features You Will Love

  • The transparent back is anti-fingerprint, scratch-resistance, and shockproof.
  • The ring offers 360° rotation and 180° flip.
  • Attaches seamlessly with magnetic car mounts, thanks to a built-in metal plate.
  • It is engineered to maintain a bulk-less and lightweight profile.

Verdict: Available in some pretty color variants, WATACHE spruces up your device’s aesthetics. Meanwhile, it does not compromise on functionality and user experience.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Battery Cases

iPhone 11 Pro boasts a better battery from its predecessor. However, ardent users need more. This is where battery cases play such an important role; you don’t need to carry a power bank and additional cords.

Thanks to advanced technologies, battery cases are no longer bulky. They now host a bunch of great features as well, from the smart camera, button to wireless charging.

Pros: Additional battery life, do we need to say any more? Along with that, your iPhone is encased in 360-degree protection. Don’t forget the portable and wireless charge your device gets on the click of a button.

Cons: At the cost of convenience, you also carry additional weight and bulk. Moreover, if it’s not a certified battery, your iPhone’s battery can be severely and irreparably harmed.

Who is it for?

Frequent travelers, gaming fanatics, crazy chatters or callers, social media influencers, or fans. Basically, anyone and everyone who’s the battery doesn’t last all day, needs one these excellent battery cases.

Top Battery Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Apple Smart Battery Case

Look and Feel: A silky smooth silicone exterior, a bloated belly with 50% longer life and the smarts of Apple, what’s not to love in the case?

The Features You Will Love

  • A dedicated camera button launches the Camera app in an instant.
  • Just a click takes photos, and long-press captures QuickTake videos.
  • Intelligently, displays battery status on lock screen and Notification Center.
  • A compatible USB-PD charger can charge the case faster.
  • The battery case can be charged wirelessly as well.
  • Inner microfiber lining comforts and secures your device.
  • It offers unhindered support to lightning accessories.

Verdict: It might not have the best of mAh, but it is an Apple product. Moreover, the case is indeed packed with a few smart and notable features.

#2. Alpatronix Wireless Charging Battery Case

Look and Feel: Thanks to a slim, lightweight, and compact frame, Alpatronix offers a portable, safe, and chic charging solution.

The Features You Will Love

  • A 4200mAh UL-tested battery ensures a reliable charge every time.
  • 100% compatibility Bluetooth accessories, Apple Pay & CarPlay.
  • It can support both wireless and wired charging.
  • Charges and syncs simultaneously with a lightning cable.
  • The form factor lends necessary protection against daily wear and tear.

Verdict: Whether it’s the safety of the iPhone or its battery, Alpatroniz checks all those boxes. The only nitpick is that it does not support lightning headphones.

#3. Pelican Protective Battery Case

Look and Feel: A military-grade protective case that employs an ESM (easy mount system) to integrate a battery pack. Use the pack when juicing up and enjoy a slim case rest of the time.

The Features You Will Love

  • Put on/off the easily detachable magnetic battery pack as per your convenience.
  • They are tested to survive drops up to 3M.
  • Despite the dual-layer protection, the case is ultra-sleek.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • A unique lifetime warranty, if it breaks, the brand will replace it.

Verdict: You may call it the lightest and slimmest battery case. After all, the thickness and weight of the battery can be ignored at least half of the time.

#4.Zencase Wireless Charging Battery Case

Look and Feel: Shuttercase presents a unique accessory, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Covered with anti-slippery linen fabric, Zencase has a class apart hand-feel.

The Features You Will Love

  • The 3500mAh battery charges your phone wirelessly.
  • Smartly, the iPhone Lightning port is kept fully accessible.
  • Charges fast with a USB-C input port.
  • Minimalistic and sophisticated design.
  • It does not hinder any functionality of the device.

Verdict: It may be slightly on the expensive side, but it’s worth it. Catch up on our in-depth review for more information.

#5. HONTECH Portable Battery Case

Look and Feel: A lightweight, compact, and no ‘chin’ design that offers a comfortable yet firm grip. With a powerful 5200mAh battery, you get an additional 150% battery life.

The Features You Will Love

  • A sync-through technology can charge and sync the phone simultaneously.
  • Shockproof band and raised bezels reduce edge bumping.
  • It can offer uncomplexed and easy installation and removal.
  • A snug fit maintains a pocket-friendly profile.

Verdict: Hontech is a popular and trustworthy name in battery cases. And this one here certainly carries the legacy ahead.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Slim Cases

In the era of slim fit clothing, there is no space of bulk in our pockets. As the name suggests, these cases sports zero-figure and almost bulk-less profile. They tend to offer pocket-friendliness, better grip, and a sleek silhouette.

Pros:Slim cases cut-down on thickness and weight, making it easier to hold for long or slide in your pockets or bags.

Cons: Protection quotient can severely suffer; most barely-there cases only protect from essential wear and tear. So, the clumsy ones could choose to skip this part.

Who is it for?

Who like the original thin profile of their phone. Thanks to hybrid material integration and air-guard corners, slim cases are stepping-up the protection aspect as well.

Top Slim Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Spigen Thin Fit Designed Slim Case

Look and Feel: The name and the brand tag, says it all!! A well crafted, as ‘slim as it gets’ case that adds almost negligible bulk.

The Features You Will Love

  • A precise fitting ensures comprehensive coverage and needed protection.
  • Thanks to a QNMP Slot, you can mount the phone on magnetic holders.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • The back panel is scratch-resistant and features a smooth finish.
  • Original button tactility is well-maintained via precise cutouts.

Verdict: Did you notice that Spigen has been referred often in the post? All thanks to its brand-equity and the collection of some unusual cases it boasts.

#2. Totalle Ultra Thin Hard Protective Case

Look and Feel: Totallee is touted amongst the thinnest covers for iPhone 11 Pro. And at just 0.02 inches and 0.1 oz, we aren’t questioning the claim.

The Features You Will Love

  • It’s just 0.02 inches thick, thanks to a zero bulk barely-there design.
  • A minimal and panache design that features no branding or logos.
  • The case received rave reviews by most tech-related publishings.
  • It has raised lips around the camera lens, though not around the screen.
  • A 2-year warranty from the brand backs it.
  • Not- surprisingly, it supports wireless charging as well.

Verdict: Whether at the office, a party, or on a wilderness trip, Nomad Rugged will protect your device. Though the best part is that it will look elegant and beautiful while doing so.

#3. Hovik Slim Fit Shell Hard Protective Case

Look and Feel: Hovik has a non-slip matte finish that soft to touch and provides an excellent grip. The whole matt, fussless design, is pretty subtle and great on the eyes.

The Features You Will Love

  • The minimal case sports a 0.03-inch profile
  • 0.3mm raised edges keeps the camera lens shielded from scratches.
  • Engineered from hard plastic to protect against accidental drops.
  • The matt surface is scratch and fingerprint resistant.
  • The case offers unhindered support to wireless charging and lightning accessories.

Verdict: Whether in regards to the hand-feel, pocket-friendliness, or price point, Hovik makes for a great option.

#4. ESR Flexible Slim Case 

Look and Feel: ESR has a knack for naming its products, the title can tell the whole story. This slim case is size-zero and packs all essential functionality.

The Features You Will Love

  • It sports a lightweight (0.64 oz) and ultra-thin (1.1mm) form factor.
  • A unique microdot design prevents watermarking/wet “clinging.”
  • It does not yellow even after regular usage.
  • Crystal clear back with colored edges enhances the beauty of your device.
  • Available in some beautiful frame colors such as green, pink, and silver.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.

Verdict: The Essential Zero series is slim, clear, protective, and stylish. Its minimalistic aesthetic makes this one my all-time favorite case by the brand.

#5. GVIEWIN Ultra Slim Glossy Soft Case

Look and Feel: It’s time to step-up the style factor by several notches. The marbled cases by GVIEWIN sports a slim, sleek, stylish, and vibrant design.

The Features You Will Love

  • A form-fitting blueprint snuggles the device like a glove.
  • The use of high-grade materials enables shock and impact resistance.
  • It offers a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Maintains devices Qi-compatibility.
  • Lanyard-holes offers a more convenient carrying option.

Verdict: Surely not the slimmest and lightest case in our listing, but it does add liveliness on the table. Do check its other color variants; fair warning, be prepared to be blown away.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Silicone Cases

These cases prove that technology could make even the simplest of material into something special. Thanks to its smooth hand-feel, elasticity, and flexibility, it has managed to win the hearts of both manufacturers and users.

Another significant part of silicone cases is the color options, from vibrant neons to sophisticated pastels, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Pros: A case crafted from silicone can sport a slim profile and still pose protective features. It provides a way better protection than a pure rubber or clear case.

Cons: The material is not advanced enough to be counted as luxurious, so it’s no good if you want to make an affluent statement.

Who is it for?

If you are looking for a form-fitting cover, that sports a smooth finish. Cheaper than most contemporaries, they are also perfect if you like to switch cases often.

Top Silicone Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Miracase Liquid Silicone Case

Look and Feel: Miracase has an unmatched tactile hand-feel, as soft and smooth as a baby’s skin. It nestles your device safely and protectively.

The Features You Will Love

  • The case is easy to clean, anti-fingerprint and scratch-resistant
  • Despite the smoothness, it offers proper friction for a firm grip.
  • With good elasticity and insulation, silicone keeps the device safe.
  • Lined with micro-fiber its increases drop protection.
  • Maintain easy access to buttons, ports, and Qi-compatibility.
  • Available in amazingly beautiful pastel shades.

Verdict: The best part is that it doesn’t look cheap. It oozes an air of sophistication and minimalistic style.

#2. FLOVEME Comfort Grip Silicone Case

Look and Feel: The case strings simple design and stylish looks into one thread. Thanks to which the case is artistic as well as stable and durable.

The Features You Will Love

  • Machined by optical plating technology, the case protects from dust, collisions, and abrasion.
  • Durable bumper guards cushions against impacts and sudden drops.
  • Crystal clear back protects and shows-off the device
  • Compatible with wireless charging.
  • The brand offers a 12-month money-back guarantee.

Verdict: A worthy choice if you ask me; FLOVEME serves the aesthetics of a branded case at an affordable price tag.

#3. DTTO Shockproof Silicone Cover

Look and Feel: Baby soft liquid silicone cases with some delightfully romantic shades in its kitty. Beautiful looks, smooth grip, and everything you need!

The Features You Will Love

  • An interior honeycomb grid cushion aids in thermal dissipation, over 80% more than any other case.
  • Slim, lightweight, anti-drop, and soft like baby skin.
  • Triple-layered, hybrid protection against daily wear and tear.
  • Just wipe with a wet wipe to clean the case.
  • You can avail of lifetime replacement after registration.
  • Check out those colors, what’s not to love!

Verdict: The heat dispersal grid is a smart idea; now, you don’t have to be extra vigilant during wired or wireless charging or excessive usage.

#4. Apple Silky-smooth Silicone Case

Look and Feel: The first-party case sports silky, soft-touch silicone exterior in some distinctive colors, including the Product Red.

The Features You Will Love

  • A snug fit that hugs your device protectively without adding bulk.
  • Soft microfiber interior lining avoids any scuff marks or scratches during use.
  • The subtle Apple logo is a statement in itself.
  • You don’t need to remove it while wired or wireless charging.
  • Every case is thoroughly tested to ensure optimal protection.

Verdict: With the brand and price tag this case carries, it ought to be a great one. And we are glad that this soft, subtle, and sophisticated is justifiably Apple.

#5. J.west TPU Silicone Cover for Women

Look and Feel: My affair with camouflage is pretty steady, you can choose something more you from the J.west offerings.

The Features You Will Love

  • The TPU bumper frame is clear with a sparkly tinge.
  • An IMD technology keeps the prints fresh and never fades.
  • It Protects the device against scratches, bumps, and other daily damage.
  • Flexible material easy to install or remove.
  • It can support wireless charging and all lightning accessories.

Verdict: If you like switching cases now and again, this one will make a perfect addition to your case family.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Stand Cases

Whether you Netflix, YouTube, Apple TV+, Hulu, Disney+, or stream all of them on your device, holding the phone while binging causes another level of exhaustion!!

It may be one of the reasons why stand cases are becoming so much more popular nowadays. Even the sleekest of cases have added this feature into their arsenal.

Pros: Your device can stand on its own. Watch videos, Facetime, or read without holding the phone. Moreover, you can multitask like a pro.

Cons: The feature does tend to add bulk, additionally the extension prone to breakage or loosening with usage.

Who is it for?

From multitaskers to binge-watchers, from regular readers to regular followers, a stand case is for almost every smartphone user.

Top Stand Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. ZIZO Bolt Series

Look and Feel: The uniquely designed case offers multiple options for keeping your hands free, from the in-built kickstand to a detachable belt clip holster.

The Features You Will Love

  • Built for adventures, ZIZO exceeds the 12 feet military-grade drop test.
  • A multi-layer design lends award-winning shock absorbency.
  • The in-built kickstand has a smart lock for a stable and secure hands-free experience.
  • It is accompanied by holster sports a 360-degree rotatable clip.
  • The package includes a tempered glass screen protector and a lanyard.
  • A lifetime warranty backs it.

Verdict: While you are on the run, ZIZO takes care of your device and you. For the versatility and protection it offers, the pricing is pretty decent.

#2. ESR Metal Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: ESR combines the beauty of a clear case with the convenience of a kickstand. Moreover, the blend comes in a snug, smooth, and soft form factor.

The Features You Will Love

  • The case Supports multiple angles in both vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Hard PC protects the glass back protection against scratches, dints, and bumps.
  • Air-guard corners act as shock absorbers.
  • It has raised bezels around the screen and camera for added protection.
  • Wireless charging and other functions are fully supported.

Verdict: Popular for their case line-up, ESR ensures that this one is a top-notch accessory. It is, indeed, excellent in terms of protection, convenience, and looks.

#3. SUPCASE Kickstand Case with Built-in Screen Protector

Look and Feel: Not just another case, this one is body armor for the device. With a built-in screen protector, your smartphone is sealed in the case.

The Features You Will Love

  •  Built-in kickstand supports both portrait and landscape mode.
  • The UB Pro body keeps almost all harms at bay.
  • CNET has awarded it the best case.
  • Despite the sturdy body, it supports wireless charging.
  • It comes with a removable, swiveling belt clip holster.

Verdict: Cases by SUPCASE strikes the right balance between rugged protection, aesthetics, and ease of usage.

#4. Amber & Ash Magnetic Lock Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: An intelligent solution for keeping the device in league with your active lifestyle. The minimalistic yet innovative design offers quite a few functional features.

The Features You Will Love

  • Get an anti-fall grip by wrapping the strap around your hand.
  • Loop it around objects to avail make-shift a stand.
  • Or use it as a stable kickstand for vertical or horizontal viewing.
  • The strap also has a reflective panel for improved visibility at night.
  • The strap is attached by magnets and can open or close quickly.
  • Compatible with wireless charging

Verdict: I have a soft spot for innovative accessories that bring out the versatility of the device. And to no one’s surprise, I love this sleek and stylish case.

#5. CoverON Protective Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: The faux brushed metal chrome design instantly lifts the style quotient of your device. Dubbed as the SecureCard series, CoverON doubles as a kickstand and wallet case.

The Features You Will Love

  •  A fold-out slot can become a cardholder and a hands-free kickstand.
  • The slot is easy-to-slide and incorporates a locking door.
  • It provides superior drop protection with a hybrid dual-layer design.
  • The screen and camera lens are surrounded by raises lips.
  • It can support wireless charging through the case.

Verdict: We have already discussed the pros of wallet case and kickstand cases, the CoverON brings all that and more to the table.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Wooden Cases

Nothing and I mean nothing can beat the beauty, texture, depth, and timelessness of real wood. And not surprisingly, many iPhone users prefer a wooden case over even a leather one, as that makes a bigger and better statement.

Depending upon your budget, you can avail of a full wooden case or a hybrid one that has a wooden back panel. You can also buy a real wood skin sticker for your iPhone, check out the listing for more info.

Pros: It looks unique, beautiful, chic, and sophisticated and spells luxury to the T. Further, the tactility of a wooden piece is unmatched.

Cons: Water and wood don’t see eye to eye!! So, if you live in a moisture oriented weather, this might not work that well.

Who is it for?

If you want to stand out in the crowd, then a wooden case can make the desired statement for you. Plus, if you are a nature lover, you won’t be able to skip this section that easily.

Top Wooden Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. KERF 100% Wood Case

Look and Feel: A one-piece wraparound wooden phone case that uses 100% Natural Wood, not even plastic seams or interlocking parts.

The Features You Will Love

  • Each case is handcrafted from sustainable wood.
  • Thanks to a snug patented friction fit, the case maintains a slim profile.
  • The inerts are lined with suede to prevent scratches.
  • Movable wooden buttons are quite adorable to use.
  • Compatible with Qi charging and Apple Pay.
  • The brand offers a lifetime repair warranty.

Verdict: When it comes to wooden cases, KERF speaks a different language. And my, my, it is exceptionally luxurious, sophisticated, and well-loved dialect.

#2. Toast Handmade Wood Cover

Look and Feel: A ‘case for people who don’t want a case’!! Toast is a real wood skin that feels and behaves just like a cover.

The Features You Will Love

  • Perfect snug fit, thanks to precise laser-cutting.
  • Each case is hand-finished to bring out the grain pattern.
  • Despite being a stick-on, it smells and feels like real wood.
  • It uses long-lasting, high-quality adhesives that leave no residue.
  • It can support wireless charging through the case.

Verdict: Toast offers a unique product with all the goodness of a wood case and without additional bulk. Although, sticking the case properly is a bit of a tricky process.

#3. YFWOOD Shockproof Wood Case

Look and Feel: YFWOOD is a hybrid wooden case that smartly incorporates a TPU bumper. So, along with the tactility of real wood, you get shockproof protection.

The Features You Will Love

  • The natural wood backing is fingerprint and smudge-free.
  • TPU bumper gives a better non-slip grip.
  • Available in multiple graphic-textures for enhanced looks.
  • Its ruggedized edges for shockproof and impact absorption.

Verdict: The hybrid case not just uplifts the protection quotient, it manages to bring down the price point. Thanks to which you get the luxury of real wood at an affordable price.

#4. TENDLIN Wood & Leather Case

Look and Feel: TENDLIN synthesizes three layers – wood veneer, PU leather, and TPU together. While the latter lends protection, the former two are for tactility and aesthetics.

The Features You Will Love

  • Leather is patterned on the wood to intensify the grip.
  • The hybrid patter does not unnecessary bulk.
  • Easy to install and remove without scratching the phone.
  • It can support wireless charging through the case.
  • It comes with a one year warranty.

Verdict: Quite similar to YFWOOD, this case is also reasonably priced. So, the user can easily choose a case that suits their style the best.

#5. Reveal Laser Engraved Case

Look and Feel: Reveal uses FSC certified woods and non-toxic rubberized TPU for an eco-friendly cause. A snug-fit gives the case a fantastic visual appeal, without adding any bulk.

The Features You Will Love

  • The wood used is eco-friendly and cruelty-free.
  • A fold-out slot can become a cardholder and a hands-free kickstand.
  • An intricate laser engraving elevates the tactility and looks of the wood.
  • The combination of real wood and TPU makes the case extra shock absorbing.

Verdict: Reveal specializes in wooden tech accessories, and keeps nature and sustainability in mind while doing so. So, this wooden case is guilt-free.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Cases for Women

We don’t want to be gender-biased, but at times women need and deserve something very personal and unique. These cases cater to their specific tastes and offer an ode to their multitasking skills.

Please note, we are not talking about overly blingy or excessively encrusted designs. These cases embody the essence of feminity without being anti-feminist.

Pros: If you’ve got it, flaunt it! And these cases allow you to flaunt your device as well as your style.

Cons: In order to offer bright colors, blingy designs and whatnot, quite a few manufactures compromise on quality.

Who is it for?

If you are a woman who isn’t afraid of wearing her style, choice, and femininity on your sleeves, then such cases would help you in doing so. Whether it is a clear case or military-grade case, all can sport some feminine flair.

Top Cases for Women for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Cecile Collection by CYRILL

Look and Feel: It carries all the goodness of a clear, protective case with a tasteful decoration of wild roses. The flexible TPU bumper case offers a slim profile and firm grip.

The Features You Will Love

  • An Ergonomic Design makes holding the case comfortable.
  • Powered by Spigen, air cushions provide impact resistance.
  • Raised lips around the edges lift the camera lens and screen off flat surface.
  • The case does not dull or yellows with use.
  • Compatible with wireless charging.

Verdict: If flowers are your jam, the Cecile Collection is designed especially for you. It makes for a great budgeted option.

#2. Spigen Crystal Quartz

Look and Feel: A special glitter-infused TPU adds shine to your device, but subtly and stylishly. Your device color will shine out as the case is semi-transparent.

The Features You Will Love

  • Spigen offers a lightweight and snug profile.
  • The transparent back is scratch and fingerprint resistance.
  • Reinforced buttons maintain tactility.
  • The flexible TPU makes easy installation and shock-absorbency.
  • It works perfectly with most wireless chargers.

Verdict: Flamboyance is a luxury that you can’t flaunt in a professional environment. Spigen’s liquid crystal case offers the perfect mid-way.

#3. i-Blason Cosmo Wallet

Look and Feel: For someone who is always on the run, this designer wallet case is a good accessory. The marbled pattern with geometric gold accents on the back looks effortlessly chic.

The Features You Will Love

  • The built-in cardholder can hold up to two bank cards, plus loose cash.
  • A smooth & glossy finish.
  •  Made from high-quality TPU and polycarbonate, the case keeps scrapes, scratches, or bumps at bay.
  • Raised bezels further protect screen and camera lens.

Verdict: Just look at it, isn’t the i-Blason case just beautiful. And with a built-in cardholder, it makes for a perfect accessory for a cosmopolitan lady.

#4. Kate Spade Designer Case

Look and Feel: From the house of Kate Spade, comes an offering that can steal your heart away in giphy. The defensive hardshell is dotted with gems and sports a white bumper.

The Features You Will Love

  • Translucent cases that shows-off your device’s true colors.
  • The gems are secured with ultrasonic welding.
  • Cushioned bumper presents effective shock-absorption.
  • Drop tested up to 10 feet.
  • The transparent back is also scratch-resistance.
  • Wireless charging compatible.

Verdict: Every woman loves owing some designer pieces, why not add a Kate Spade case to it. Slightly expensive than the rest of the offerings but worth it.

#5. Case-Mate Waterfall Case

Look and Feel: A waterfall packed with glitter, Oh la la! Case-Mate creates a snow-globe effect with cascading sparkle and tumbling glitter.

The Features You Will Love

  • Refined metallic buttons to further enhance the aesthetics.
  • The oil for creating the dynamic flow is certified safe mineral oil.
  • The back is fingerprint and scratch-resistant.
  • Offers drop protection from up to 10 ft.
  • Compatible with wireless charging

Verdict: It’s glittery, but not over the top, in your face kind of glittery, which is what I love the most about this case.

That’s all for now!!

See, when we promised an all-inclusive list, we indeed fulfilled it with all our might, which is that one or more cases that have caught your fancy. Do let us know in the comment section below. Also, if you feel I have missed out on a good option, we are open to suggestions.

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