6 Best Screen Monitoring Software

Trying to stay productive is hard at the best of times, but when employees have distractions like social media within reach, it can be difficult to stay focused. Screen monitoring software is invaluable for helping employees to manage their performance and stay on track. In this article, we’re going to look at the six best screen monitoring software. Here is our list of the best screen monitoring software:

  1. Teramind Screen monitoring software with real-time and historical monitoring. It can manually override user inputs.
  2. Time Doctor Employee monitoring software that tells you the Total Time Worked and Total Inactive time of employees. Includes automated screenshots, alerts, and reports.
  3. InterGuard Screen monitor that generates real-time screenshots of user activity. Includes an alerting and report system.
  4. Veriato Cloud-Based employee monitoring software that screenshots employee activity. Includes custom reports and real-time alerts.
  5. Employee Desktop Live Viewer Monitors desktop screens live with dual-screen monitoring, warning messages, and remote restarts.
  6. ActivTrak Real-time screen monitoring tool with recording and screenshots. Includes a dashboard and alerts system.

The best screen monitoring software

1. Teramind

Teramind is a desktop monitoring solution that enables the user to monitor employee screens and activity in real-time. You can open up the web-browser and monitor your employees’ desktops live and historically (that includes keystrokes as well!) If you’re not at your desk you can also check up on their usage from a smartphone or tablet. The tool also offers productivity analysis features so you can view how much time has been spent on genuine tasks and how much has been spent on applications. The analysis compares total work time to tasks completed to show how much time is wasted. In the event of a security incident, you can take control of a user’s desktop at the click of a button and override their manual inputs. For example, if a device is compromised and starts acting maliciously then you can take over remotely and try to mitigate the damage. Teramind doesn’t just let you monitor employee activity but also offers the functions for you to play an active role in supporting productivity. Teramind starts any $60 (£45.44) per month with support for five users. You can download the 7-day free trial.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an employee tracking tool that measures employee usage habits and tells you how much time is spent working. With Time Doctor you can monitor the amount of time spent on a client, project, and task. Usage activity is broken down into Total Time Worked and Total Inactive Time so you can monitor how efficient your team is. Onscreen alerts prompt employees if they are inactive or use a non-work related application. On the manager’s side, you can generate daily or weekly reports that display how much work time there has been throughout the week. Reports are complete with visual options like pie charts, which allow you to view the Top 5 Tasks. You can also configure the software to take automated screenshots of employee activity at a predefined interval. For example, you could configure a screenshot to take place every hour so you can verify that your team is on target. Screenshots can be disabled when employees are on a break so that their privacy isn’t compromised. Time Doctor is a reliable screen monitoring software that makes it easy to monitor how productive employees are throughout the day. Pricing starts at $12 (£9.09) per user per month. You can download the 14-day free trial from the link here.

3. InterGuard

InterGuard is an employee monitoring platform that monitors computers. The software records real-time screenshots of user activity on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Citrix. There is a range of screenshot types you can choose to monitor activity. For example, Smart Camera screenshots let you select particular applications and websites to screenshot at regular intervals. Alert word screenshots allow you to generate screenshots whenever a keyword is typed or shown on screen. Email alerts notify you whenever there is a usage that needs your attention whether that’s a keyword alert or anomalous behavior. For example, if the program has recognized malicious activity or chat communications then it will send you an alert to investigate. Anomalous behavior alerts let you know if anything unusual is taking place, such as a user downloading lots of documents. The program also has a reporting system to put usage trends in perspective. There are over 30 types of reports included out-of-the-box. However, if you want to create your own you can do so with the Computer Monitoring Report Wizard. Schedule reports deliver periodic updates on your team’s productivity. If you’re looking for a screen monitoring tool that’s easy to deploy and configure then InterGuard is a great starting point. The Cloud Hosted version of InterGuard starts at $9 (£6.82) per user per month with 24/7 support. You need to request a quote for pricing information for the On-Premises version. You can download the free trial from this link here.

4. Veriato

Veriato is a cloud-based employee monitoring tool for Windows, Mac, and Android that takes screenshot recordings of employee activity. When monitoring employee activity, you can choose to monitor by department, group, or individual. Changing between these perspectives makes it easy to control how you monitor productivity whether at an employee or team-level. Once the program has taken screenshots of user activity you can download them in a video file and play them back to see whether the employee was working. After you’ve taken a closer look you can generate customizable activity reports to identify which employees are performing and those who aren’t. Reports can be sent out by email to share with other members of your team. Real-time alerts help you to stay on top of live user activity. Veriato sends you an alert when an employee visits restricted sites or downloads a problematic application. Alerts are useful for helping you to catch inefficient working habits early on rather than at the end of the month. Veriato is a solid screen monitoring tool that’s simple for new users to gauge where employee productivity stands as a whole. Prices start at $450 (£340) for three user licenses on Windows or Mac. You can download the free trial from this link here.

5. Employee Desktop Live Viewer

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a screen monitoring software that records desktop screens live. Install the agent on the computers that you want to monitor and you can monitor a range of computers from one location. The software is completely invisible, meaning that the user can’t see it on the desktop or the Start menu. Screen recording begins the moment an employee starts up the computer and can’t be stopped by the employee even if the computer is restarted. If you’re in an environment where employees use more than one screen then Dual-screen monitoring allows you to monitor multiple screens at the same time. If there is a problem with a device or user activity is inappropriate you can issue a warning message to the employee. You also have the option to turn off or restart the computer. Interacting with devices remotely allows you to respond if there is any potential harmful behavior taking place. Employee Desktop Live Viewer is a tool that’s ideal for enterprises that want a scalable, low-cost solution. There’s no limit to the number of devices you can monitor. The price of Employee Desktop Live Viewer starts at $29 (£21) for one employee. You can download the 7-day free trial here from this link here.

6. ActivTrak

ActivTrak is an employee monitoring platform that offers real-time monitoring of desktop activity. You can configure alarms that trigger video captures and screenshots when user activity meets specific conditions. Videos last for 15 seconds to give you a snapshot of what the user was doing at the time. You can define the trigger conditions that you want to use trigger recording. Through the dashboard, you can view user behavior from a top-down perspective. The Top Applications and Top Sites’ views show how user behavior is divided between different services through a pie chart. You can filter the data to view the divide between Productive and Unproductive behavior. You can also use the Alarm Risk Scores panel to show users who are engaging in higher-risk behaviors with a graph. The alerts system has a range of options for controlling the type of content your team access. For instance, you can block sites and receive notifications whenever a user visits a blocked site. You can also send custom notifications to users when an alert has been triggered, with an email sent to administrators with additional information. ActivTrak provides you with everything you need to keep tabs on employee productivity. The free version of ActivTrak supports up to three users and 3GB storage. The paid or Advanced version costs $7.20 (£5.45) per user per month with unlimited storage. You can try the free version from this link here.

The verdict: Teramind

All of us need a nudge every now and again to perform at our best. Using screen monitoring software doesn’t just let you monitor user activity but allows you to support employees to become more productive. Being able to compare the time spent on productive tasks versus non-work activities can be a wake-up call. Out of the tools on this list, Teramind is our editor’s pick. It’s easy to highlight where the working day has been spent and offers an excellent screen recording function. The level of visibility you have into employee productivity provides you with everything you need to support employees.

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