Walmart Money Order 2022 (Fees & Limits)

Money orders can be sent through the mail with less risk because they don’t contain personal banking information. They also need to be signed by the sender as well as the recipient in order to be valid.

There are many places you can go to to place money orders.

Money orders can be purchased at banks, credit unions, grocery stores, USPS, money shops, and banks.

What you will learn:

Does Walmart Do Money Orders?

Walmart sells money orders for an average of $0.88 and a maximum price of $1.00. Money orders can be purchased at Walmart’s MoneyCenter or customer service desk. Walmart money orders can be ordered online for $1.99 domestic and $8 international.

Walmart charges $0.88 for an average money order fee. To find out the exact amount of the money order fee, call your location . Walmart’s money order fee for money is fairly average. Below is a table showing Walmart’s average money orders fees in comparison to its competitors.

Meijer 65 Cents
7-Eleven 65cs/1%-3%
Kroger 69 Cents
Kmart 70 Cents
Publix 85 Cents
Walmart 88c
Albertsons 89 Cents
Rite Aid 99 Cents
Circle K $1-$1.30
United States Postal Service $1.20-$2.60
CVS $1.25

There are no fees to use a debit card at Walmart to place money orders, but there are higher fees for international money transactions.

Walmart can send money orders to more than 200 countries, but international money transfer is more costly. Sending $1,000 to Thailand would cost $8.

Walmart has a maximum limit of $1,000 for any one money order. However, you can place multiple money orders at Walmart in one day and up to $3,000 at Walmart. You will be charged separate fees if multiple money orders are purchased.

Fill out the Walmart Money Orderr

Walmart offers a variety of financial services, including money orders for domestic and international transactions.

Walmart does not issue money orders. These money orders are issued by MoneyGram a money transfer company.

To fill out a Walmart money order, you will need the name of the recipient, your account number, if you are paying a bill, your address and your signature.

You will need a photo ID issued by the government if you send multiple money orders that exceed $1,000.

Here are the steps to fill out a Walmart money order.

Step 1. Step 1.

You must fill in the recipient field immediately after you have placed your money order.

After you pay for it, your money order is just as valid as cash. If your money order is lost or the recipient field isn’t filled out, anyone can find it and enter their name. You will get your money back.

This will prevent you from having to fill in the recipient’s details immediately after purchasing.

The Walmart money order’s first line is labeled ” PAYTO THE ORDER OF/PAGAR DE LA ORDENDE“. Write the name of the person or business that will receive your money order.

Ask the recipient to tell you what name they would like on your money order.

Step 2. Step 2.

Below the “PAY TO THE ORDER OF” line, there is a line that says ” SIGNER FOR DAWER/ COMPRADOR/ FIRMA EL LIBRADOR” and you can sign your signature.

Step 3. Step 3.

Below the “PURCHASER SIGNER FOR DAWER” line, there is a line called ” ADDRESS/ DIRECCION“. This space is for you to write your address and not the address of the recipient. Here, enter your address.

Step 4. Step 4.

Write down your account number on any money order if you’re paying a bill. This ensures that your account is credited for the payment.

Step 5. Step 5.

A detachable slip is located on the right side your money order. This serves as your receipt. Keep the receipt and tear it off along the perforated lines. This receipt serves as proof of payment.

Orders for Cashing Money at Walmart

Walmart will cash MoneyGram money orders above $1000 for $4 The $8 fee applies to money orders that exceed $1000. To cash a Walmart money order, you will need a photo ID issued by the government.

Walmart doesn’t cash USPS money orders. USPS money orders can be cashed free at any post office. Click here to find a USPS office near you.

Update – Walmart has partnered up with Western Union to enable money services across the USA. The agreement between these two giants will allow money orders and bill payment, as well as domestic and international money transfers.

Sending Money from Walmart

It doesn’t matter if you send a money order to Walmart online or in a store. Here are the steps to follow for each scenario.

Orders for paper money:

  1. You can place money orders in person at any Walmart cashier or money center. Click here to find one near you
  2. Use black ink to write clearly.
  3. After you have paid cash or debit for the order, fill out the form and send it by mail or personally.
  4. Keep your receipt safe so you can track your order or cancel it.

Online money orders

  1. When you place a money order online, the recipient’s first name and last name must be entered along with the destination country.
  2. Next, enter the amount that you wish to send and choose the payment method.
  3. The process is completed once you have entered your personal information and payment information.

Walmart provides an online service that allows you to track money orders. You can cancel your money order online by visiting the Transaction Details page, or calling MoneyGram.

  1. Walmart’s online tool allows you to track your money orders.
  2. If you choose to place an online money order, the reference number (or authorization) will be found on your paper money order slip.

Walmart to Walmart money transfer cost

Walmart MoneyGram offers a totally different service to Walmart. Walmart MoneyGram, Walmart’s international transfer service is used to transfer money between Walmarts.

Walmart2Walmart powered by Ria

Send amount Fee
$0 – $50 $4
$51 – $1,000 $8
$1,001 – $2,500 $16

Walmart MoneyGram Accounts are not required to transfer money from Walmart to Walmart. You can either use the Walmart app, or visit a Walmart store.

Walmart Money Exchange Rate

If you’re thinking of sending money, your bank is the best place to check the rates if you have one.

Although many banks offer money orders at no cost for certain accounts, some banks charge $5 or more. Walmart offers one of the most affordable money exchange rates. However, international transfers might offer better options if you don’t have an account.

Walmart MoneyGram will charge you $8 to send $1000 to Great Britain. They will then receive approximately 774 pounds.

TransferWise offers a better exchange rate. This means that even though there is a $7.56 fee, the recipient will receive more money in their local currency (791 Pounds) and your total cost will still be $1000 rather than $1008.

  • Walmart exchange rate: USD1 = GBP0.7740
  • TransferWise exchange rate: USD1 = GBP0.79770

International transfers are more costly than money transfer apps like PayPal. You will pay fees of approximately $9 if you send $300 to someone in the United States via Thailand.

TransferWise’s ability to send money to and within certain countries is limited. TransferWise is not able to send money from Thailand into the United States.

Here is an table that compares the top international money transfer services if you send $1,000 to India.

Service Exchange rate Transfer fee Recipients Get
Western Union 73.0839 $0 73,083.94 INR (losing 163.19 INR).
PayPal uses Xoom 73.0139 $0 73,013.94 INR (losing 233.24 INR).
MoneyGram 72.9614 $0 72,961,36 INR (losing 282.86)
TransferWise 73.6980 $11.50 72,850.47 INR (losing 393.82 INR).

Here is a table showing the exchange rates for MoneyGram and Western Union.

Currency Mid-market Western Union MoneyGram
Mexican peso 1USD = 22.4119MXN 1USD = 22.1238MXN 1USD = 22.3034MXN
Euro 1USD = 0.87658EUR 1USD = 0.8729EUR 1USD = 0.8479EUR
Chinese Yuan 1USD = 6.99855CNY 1USD = 6.9134CNY 1USD = 6.9547CNY
British pounds 1USD = 0.79648GBP 1USD = 0.7888GBP 1USD = 0.7509GBP

MoneyGram offers a favorable exchange rate with most currencies. This makes Walmart an attractive option for international transfers.

Walmart Money Order Refund

If the money order is not damaged or altered in any way, you may get a full refund by visiting the nearest Walmart.

The fees won’t likely be refunded. Domestic refunds take approximately 30 days, while international money order refunds take only 30 minutes.

Will Walmart Still Accept Money Orders in 2022,

As of 2022, Walmart still offers money ordering services. Money orders can be placed at the MoneyCenter or through their customer service department. Walmart is also a good place to send money domestically.

Their international rates are also very low and consistent. They remain the same regardless of whether you send money to Great Britain or Thailand, or all the way to New Zealand.

These are some of the key points that we discussed in this article.

  • A money order of more than $1,000 cannot be purchased, but you can send money orders totaling $3,000 to Walmart in one day.
  • You must bring your ID to fill out a paper money order. Keep your receipt.
  • To track money orders using Walmart’s online tools, you can use the reference number found on a paper money order slip or in your online bank account.
  • You can cancel your money order by visiting the Transaction Details page, or calling MoneyGram.
  • TransferWise may have a higher exchange rate for international transfers
  • If your money order is not damaged or altered, you may return it to the nearest Walmart.
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