FedEx No Longer Offers Notary Service (2022 Update)

Notary public or notary service is an important part of documentation. It can be used by individuals, companies, or businesses of any size.

FedEx, an international delivery company, is primarily based in America. FedEx is well-known for its air delivery services and other business services.

FedEx Offers a Notary Service?

FedEx has stopped offering public notary services because of a 2008 lawsuit resulting from their negligence in notarization. FedEx has ceased offering notaries at all its locations.

You can also get notarized in retail shops like CVS or Walgreens. Customers can also get notary services free of charge at local banks such as Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

FedEx Does Not Offer Notary Services.

FedEx doesn’t have a notary since December 2008, when an employee of FedEx who performs the notary services has notarized a document with a forged signature.

FedEx was found liable in this case for common law negligence, but not for the Notary Public Act claims.

This is an example of a situation where protocol deficiencies were noticed. A document cannot be notarized if all signatories are present.

Plaintiff was absentee at the notarization. Although FedEx was found liable by the trial court for claims under the Notary Public Act, the appeals court overturned the decision.

Where else can I get notarized?

Place Price
UPS with more than 5000 locations There is no fixed price, but prices can vary from one country to the next. Prices are set per document or signature and range between $10 and $15
AAA club in USA and Canada It’s free in most states, but it costs $10 per signature for members. $15 per signature for those who are not members. Available as an app for $25 notary fees
Law firms, colleges and universities, libraries They are often free, but some countries or states have a set amount.

How do I get notarized?

First, identify the location or store that has a notary. Once this is done, note the type of notary.

Before you go before the notary, make sure that all documents are completed. This means that the signature section is missing.

You will need a valid form of identification to confirm that the ID’s name matches the document’s.

Each signatory must be present, willing to sign, and must know the price.

What Does a Notary Service cost?

Cost of notary services varies depending on many factors. These include the size of the establishment or store, which varies from one state to the next and even country to country.

Some countries have a maximum price limit that the notary price cannot exceed. This is the case in the USA, where the average price is between $10 and $15.

Where can I get notarized online?

Online notarization is possible in many ways, especially in the US.

Additional signatories must be present to upload documents. After verification, photos of ID are uploaded and payment is made.

These are the top four online notary services in 2022

  1. Notarize is the first app on the list that’s free to download
  2. NotaryCam can work with multiple signatories, and can schedule multiple signing sessions.
  3. Nexsys is well-known for its notary service in real estate transactions
  4. OneNotary is the fastest way to get notarized.

FedEx Can You Have Your Document Notarized?

FedEx has stopped offering notary services since 2008, so you can’t get notarized there. FedEx has stopped offering notary services due to insufficient inspection of signatures.

FedEx failed to ensure that all signatories are present. The document was also not signed in the presence the notary agent, which led to a lawsuit.

FedEx locations and stores that offer notary services have been closed since 2022.

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