Lowe’s Toilet Installation Cost 2022

For healthy growth of children, toilets are vital. Toilets help to prevent disease transmission and make life easier.

Toilets are an essential part of daily life. Without a toilet, your life could be dangerous. They make life easier and prevent sickness.

Lowe’s offers toilet installation service?

Lowe’s offers toilet installation services, whether you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or repair an old toilet. To install your toilets at an affordable price, Lowe’s works with independent contractors who have been vetted.

They’ll do it quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to worry about how to install a bathroom. Lowe’s Independent Installers are also skilled in installing accessories and toilet fixtures.

They can help you replace your toilet. Lowe’s local independents can help with the installation and assist you in choosing the right toilet.

Toilet installation costs are lower than the market and is covered by Lowe’s labor warranty. Independent contractors who install the toilets are licensed and registered.

What Does Lowe’s Toilet Installation Cost?

The average price of a toilet install is between $225 and $530. However, Lowes charges $180 to install a simple toilet. These prices do not include any additional installation costs. Toilet installation costs will vary depending on what type of toilet you want to install.

When you purchase any toilet fixture installation service, you may be able to save 20% on any subsequent installation that is equal or less in value. All services are covered by Lowe’s warranty. All services included in the deal include bath faucets, toilets and pedestal sinks. There may be additional charges depending on the type of installation or other factors. You can also get discounts on federal holidays.

How to Purchase the Service

You can browse the different toilets on Lowes.com, or visit your local Lowe’s. A Lowe’s associate may be able to help you choose the best toilet for your home and your budget.

You can fill out the form to install the toilet online, or call 1-877-GOLOWES to speak to a Lowe’s associate. They will connect you with a specialist in your area to schedule an appointment.

Request a quotation for installation in-store. An installer will contact you to schedule installation when you buy a toilet and the installation services.


You can check to make sure the dimensions of your toilet will work in your space. Start by measuring the rough-in. The standard rough-in size is 12 inches. However, older homes might have rough-ins of 10 or 14 inches.

Choose between one piece or two pieces

Lowe’s has both one-piece and double-piece toilets. Most toilets come in two-piece designs with the bowl attached to the tank. Two piece toilets cost less than single-piece toilets. Both toilets can be used in the same way. is easier to clean. You may not have all the parts necessary to install your toilet.

Modern homes are increasingly embracing toilets that can be mounted to the wall or hung on the wall as an aesthetic option. These units will require modifications to existing plumbing and waste systems as well as additional wall bracing.

Choose from Oval Bowls and Round Bowls

Both round and oval toilet bowls are available. Longer than round bowls, elongated bowls provide greater comfort and are 2 inches wider than regular ones. The round bowls cost less and work well in small spaces. Double-check your local acceptance of an extended bowl before you shop.

Without the seat, the bowl’s height is typically 14 to 15 inches above the ground. Taller bowls can be ordered in the same height as a regular chair (16-19 inches) to ensure accessibility and comfort. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), taller bowls are not allowed.

Toilet Tanks and Flushing Systems

Nearly all toilets have the same tank capacity. Consider the dimensions of the toilet, the location of the flush lever and the flushing system when choosing a tank.

The flush lever turns on the flush valve. It is located in the middle of the tank. The flush valve will be larger if the water flow rate is higher. The flush levers can be found on the tank’s sides, front, and top. The two most popular flushing systems are gravity-flush and pressure-assisted.

Types and Sizes of Toilet Seats

Toilets sold as parts are usually not equipped with a seat. Choose a seat to match the color of your toilet. When choosing the right seat for your space, consider these factors:

  • The shape of the bowl determines the form of the seat: round or long.
  • There are many options for seating: real wood, molded wooden composite, plastic, padded vinyl and polypropylene.
  • The slow-close seats are quiet and safe. They won’t bang shut, and they are great for those who don’t like loud noises after using the toilet.

Toilet seats that are best have warm water streaming, heated surfaces, warm air drying, and deodorizers. These luxurious items require additional water and electrical connections.

Lowe’s installs toilets?

You can have the toilet that you bought at Lowe’s installed for just $180. It works with certified professionals who will ensure that you get the best toilet installation. If the toilet was purchased elsewhere, Lowe’s won’t install it.

Lowe’s offers peace of mind and is generally considered one of the top installation companies. It will be affordable and there may be discounts.

The professionals will install your toilet efficiently and quickly, giving you peace of mind knowing that everything was done properly. Incorrect toilet installation can lead to problems such as flooding, leakage, slow flushing, and unbalanced toilets. Toilet installation can be difficult if you don’t know how to do it properly or don’t have all the tools.

Many people seek professional assistance when installing new toilets or replacing old ones. It will save you both time and pain if you hire a professional to install your toilet.

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