Does Walmart Have Coinstar? (Yes, 11.9% Fee)

Coin machines are a thing of the past. When thinking of what to do about their coins, not many people think of them as machines. Perhaps your coins can be used to pay for vacuums at a carwash or sodas at the gas station.

Walmart’s Coinstar machines are a simple solution for most coin exchange needs.

Is Walmart going to have Coinstar in 2022?

Coinstar is located in most Walmart stores throughout the United States. It can be found near the customer service area. They are simple to use and offer a variety of payout options. These machines offer convenience and ease to the user.

For a long time, Walmart has been associated with Coinstar, the coin machine king. Since 1991, Coinstar has been synonymous for efficiency ever since it opened its first kiosk.

What type of coin machine does Walmart have?

Walmart offers Coinstar machines at all of its stores across the United States. Coinstar machines, which have been associated with Walmart for some time, are what most people think of when they think about coin machines.

Coinstar machines, which are centrally located, allow customers to exchange coins quickly and easily.

Is the Walmart Coin Machine located in Walmart?

You will find the Coinstar machines near the entrance of Walmart stores. They can be found near the front of Walmart stores, at the customer service counters or at the checkout counters.

Customers can exchange their coins for cash to shop that day or to quickly get in and leave.

People can also use the machine to receive cash from the machine in the same location.

While Coinstar machines can be found in central locations within Walmart stores, they are not available at all Walmart locations.

Are all Walmart locations equipped with coin machines?

Nearly all Walmart stores have Coinstar machines. You can find the closest Coinstar location on Walmart’s website using the “Find A Kiosk”

Coinstar and Walmart recently started offering Bitcoin options at 200 locations. This pilot program is still in development and may eventually expand to other areas.

Coinstar machines come with fees. There are many locations and options for how to receive your money.

What is the Walmart Coinstar Price?

At Walmart, the Coinstar machines charge 11.9% of the amount of coins that the customer wishes to exchange. If the customer wishes to exchange coins for cash, this fee will apply.

Coinstar machines have partnered up with Coinme in order to offer customers the ability to buy Bitcoin using their coins, as they are now offering a Bitcoin program at selected Walmarts.

This process incurs a 4% Bitcoin fee, and a cash exchange fee of 7%.

Coinstar customers can opt to donate funds to charity to avoid paying fees. Coinstar offers a number of charity partners including the NAACP, American Red Cross and American Red Cross. However, not all are available at every location.

You can also load funds to eGift cards to avoid paying fees. Coinstar offers many options but not all of them are available at every location.

There are many options available, including Nike, Amazon, Apple and Southwest Airlines.

Coinstar machines are easy to use and offer many options for how you can receive your money.

How do you use the Coinstar at Walmart

It is easy to use a Coinstar machine from Walmart. It’s as easy as dump, tilt, then print.

Customers should bring any loose coins to Coinstar machines. Once they have dropped them, they need to place them in the tray receptacle. To ensure a steady flow of coins into the machine, customers need to tilt their tray slightly.

The Coinstar machine can count and read coins as they are entered. Customers are advised to not overload the machine and to add coins slowly.

Once the machine has read all coins, customers can choose how they want to receive their money. Most often, customers will receive a receipt that can be used to exchange cash for cash at the customer service desk.

Customers have the option to donate funds to a charity or load money onto an eGift Card at participating retailers.

Customers will need to create a Coinme account before they can purchase Bitcoin.

There are also coin machines available at other retailers if Walmart isn’t your place of business.

What other stores have a coin machine?

Coinstar machines are also available at other stores, including Walmart and regional competitors H-E-B and Kroger. These machines are generally located near customer service or checkout lanes.

The 11.9% transaction fee is charged at these stores for direct coin to money transactions. You can also donate your funds to charity, or get an eGift Card for free transactions.

Is Walmart still selling the coin machine in 2022?

As of 2022, Walmart has Coinstar machines in many of its stores. The service is open to all and offers a few payout options. Customers can receive direct cash for a 11.9% fee.

Customers can choose to donate funds to charity, or to load money onto an eGift Card for a fee-free transaction. Coinstar now offers a Bitcoin buying option at certain locations.

Coin machines are a strange mix of the past and the future. Many people don’t have enough coins or carry enough to justify frequent use of coin machines. It’s helpful to have a list of the machines and where they can be found.

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