Error “Sorry, you are visiting our service too frequent, please try again later” – How to solve?

We were asked many times how to fix the “Sorry, your visit to our service is too frequent, please check again later” error. We tried to resolve this issue on our own by writing to Fortnite technical support several times. We have found several solutions to the error code “AS-1041” in total. Many of these solutions will help you, and they will also solve the common error: “I can’t login to Epic Games launcher”.

This is Why does this error occur?

If you play a lot or have multiple Epic Games accounts, this can be a problem. It is not your fault that you get the “Sorry. You are visiting our site too often, please try again later” error, but rather the failures in the epic games launcher.

Fortnite servers are protected from DDOS attacks by the appearance of “AS-1041” error code. To disable the server, too many requests are made simultaneously to it. If there are too many requests coming from the same IP address as the user, the system will refuse to allow the user to access the server. This message is also included.

Despite the DDOS nature and the “Sorry, you are visiting too often our service please try again later” error being a DDOS error, the true causes of its occurrence are:

  • Fortnite servers are not working correctly, or they are currently undergoing technical work.
  • You made multiple mistakes when you entered a password or login.
  • Probleme with the router
  • You can use a dynamic IP to allow multiple people to play Fortnite simultaneously from one IP.
  • Your browser is having problems
  • You’re using an old version of the game.
  • Your computer has been infected by a virus.

How can you solve this problem?

You will not be able to log in to your account if the “Sorry you are visiting our site too often, please try again later” error occurs on your epic Games Launcher.

This error is attached at your IP Address. To fix it, use “sing in”. This must be done from another IP address than your computer. This could be a smartphone or another computer.

To avoid error code “AS-1041”, visit the site with the entry and then click on Social Networks. If your accounts aren’t connected to any social networks, you will need to link them. Enter your credentials into the window and then you can log in at Fortnite.

After the accounts have been contacted, you can return to the computer and report an error. You can then sign in via social media to your account. Log in if the error is not Epic Games’ fault or your ban.


Contact technical support Fortnite if you have ever encountered this problem and it still persists. We can help.

  • Make sure you enter your password correctly and don’t make more than five errors.
  • You can check Fortnite servers to see if there are any problems or do technical work. You can do this by visiting the resource, which records the existence of any failures on Fortnite’s servers, or by visiting the official Fortnite Twitter. If they have any notifications about problems, you can wait for the developers to correct them.
  • Reboot the router. After a few seconds, turn off your router and then on again. This may have helped some users with the Fortnite error: You are visiting our site too often. It usually resolves the “Sorry, your visit to our service is too frequent, please try later” error.
  • You should check your computer for viruses. Doctor Web Curette is a proven tool that can help you.
  • For the game, install the most recent game updates (patches);
  • Launch the browser in Incognito mode when playing Fortnite. This mode can be launched in Google Chrome by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ Shift +N;
  • Clear the browser’s cookies and cache. In GH, you can do this by pressing ctrl+H and selecting “clear the History” tab. Next to “delete Data”, click on “cookies” and “other site data”.
  • You can use an alternate browser. Some users found it easier to fix an error in Fortnite by switching to a different browser (e.g. from Chrome to Mozilla).

Bottom line

We are sorry, but you are visiting our site too often. Please try again later. As practice has shown, most of these problems are caused by network or server issues, and account lockouts.

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