Error “Your Account Level Does Not Meet The Requirements To Play” – How to solve?

We are often asked this question: “Help!” It says that my account level is not sufficient to play .”. Today we will solve this problem.

The error “Your account level doesn’t meet the requirements to be able to play” is often displayed for new players and those who wish to create a fake or twink account. Many players still have difficulty solving this problem, despite its simplicity. We resolved the problem in depth and created a solution.

The short answer is To play this mode, you will need to have an account level 30. You must play matches in all game modes to level up your account.

The problem is that you only have one account level. If you’re just starting to register an account, you may have the first level. You must be at least 30 years old to play in the arena. It is possible to view the level by clicking the career button at the top menu. The level will appear in the right-upper corner of the menu.

Important! Important!

How do you reach level 30?

You can earn XP by leveling up on your account (Battle Lab does not count). You can also earn more XP through Battle Pass and event challenges by completing certain tasks.

We created a Fortnite account just for this article and leveled it up to level 30. We used the Team Rumble mode to level up. There were several reasons this was done:

  • The highest average game points is the first. It doesn’t matter how well you perform, you will always receive 300-400 experiences per match.
  • Second, your statistics won’t go down because “Team Rumble” matches aren’t included in the general statistics.
  • You should also know that you can stand AFK in this mode and get XP. However, we don’t recommend it.

We played 40 games in order to reach level 30. Now we are able to play in the Arena. To get more XP, you could always complete the Battle Pass Challenges.

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