How To Tell If Someone Screenshots FaceTime

FaceTime is one of the most popular apps available to iPhone users. It allows its users to connect and have video or audio calls on their smartphones. Many people use this as an alternative to Skype as the Skype mobile app takes more space and is a bit more complicated to use. Not to mention, FaceTime’s seamless integration with iOS makes it the obvious choice for iPhone users.

Since FaceTime is so popular, you should know a thing or two about the app itself. A frequent question related to this app has to do with your security. The question is: can you tell if someone screenshots FaceTime in the middle of your call?

Like Snapchat and other messaging apps, users want to make sure their privacy is protected when using FaceTime. Many apps do notify users when someone takes a screenshot of their message, but does FaceTime do the same?

In this article, I’ll answer this question in detail as well as a few other common questions about FaceTime.

Can You Find Out If Someone Screenshots Your FaceTime?

Most of today’s apps represent a major security risk as our personal information is very easy to access and misuse. Like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and similar apps, FaceTime can be dangerous. The person you’re talking to can take live screenshots and use them against you, one way or another.

That’s why you should always be careful about what you do when using any smart device or social media app, whether it be FaceTime or Facebook.


Snapchat, for example, decided to mitigate this risk. They implemented a new notification feature that alerts users automatically as soon as someone takes a screenshot of their message. This way, while you can’t force them to delete the screenshot, you can at least ask them to do so and avoid sending them Snaps in the future.

The feature is extremely helpful as it allows you to chat freely, knowing that you will be notified if someone screenshots your pictures or messages without your permission.

Does FaceTime Have This Feature?

Unfortunately, FaceTime developers haven’t added this feature to the app as of yet. In other words, you won’t get any notifications if someone takes a screenshot during your conversations via FaceTime. The only way that you can find out that someone took a screenshot is if they cranked their volume up so you could hear the snapping sound.

When it comes to this app, you need to be very careful to remain safe. There have been some rumors that the FaceTime team is working on including this feature soon, but time will tell if there’s any truth in that.

For the time being, though, you’ll have to be comfortable with the possibility of someone screenshotting your call if you want to keep using FaceTime.

Can You Screenshot on FaceTime?

Yes, you can take a screenshot on FaceTime. You can take a screenshot of most apps unless the privacy settings of the app won’t let you. Examples of this are most bank apps. These apps protect your privacy by blacking out the screenshot in order to protect your sensitive information. Other apps, like Snapchat, let you take a screenshot but it always informs the other user that you’ve done this.

How to Take Screenshots on FaceTime


As we already mentioned, taking screenshots on FaceTime is a piece of cake with any iPhone device.

It’s important to keep in mind that with the iOS12 operating system, you won’t have the Live Photo feature on your FaceTime app. However, taking screenshots is still pretty easy, as there are various workarounds.

Taking FaceTime Screenshots on iPad

The following steps will show you how to take a FaceTime screenshot on your iPad device:

  1. Start your FaceTime video call.
  2. While you are chatting, press and hold the Wake/Sleep (Power button) and the Home button.
  3. The screen will flash and you will hear the camera shutter sound, assuming that you have enabled the sound on your device.

The screenshot will be saved in your gallery.

Taking FaceTime Screenshots on iPhone

Taking a FaceTime screenshot on your iPhone device requires the same steps as before. You just have to find the right buttons that trigger the screenshot function on your phone.

In most cases, you should simultaneously press the “Home” button and the “Power” button located on the side of your phone and then quickly release them. Of course, you should be in your FaceTime app if you want to screenshot your conversation.


Can You Use FaceTime on Android?

Since FaceTime is developed for iPhone users, the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store, and Android smartphone users cannot use it because it isn’t compatible with their operating system.

However, in recent years a new app appeared on the market that strikes a resemblance to the FaceTime app. Both iPhone and Android users can use it.

This cross-platform FaceTime alternative is called Google Duo. This app allows you to have video call conversations on your Android phone with a friend who is using an iPhone. The app is very straightforward and user-friendly, so you most likely won’t have any problems figuring out how it works.


Can FaceTime Calls be Recorded?

Yes, you can record either the audio, the video or both from your iPhone. You can do this by downloading an app from the Apple Store that records your screen. We talk about this in more detail in our blog post “How To Record a FaceTime Call.”

Protect Yourself While Using Apps

Cyber criminals often target social media platforms and apps, and they use your personal information for scams. Whichever application you use on a regular basis, do everything that you can to protect your sensitive information.

Avoid posting anything highly sensitive on your social media profiles. When it comes to FaceTime, you can’t do much about your security, as anyone can take a screenshot without you knowing while you are chatting with them. The only thing that you can do is choose who you chat with.

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