Is Gilt Legit or Scam? (Gilt Reviews)

What comes to your mind when you search the internet for designer bags or merchandise? It’s eBay and Etsy for me but Gilt is a lesser-known retailer.

Gilt offers steep discounts on designer goods such as handbags and apparel. The best part about Gilt is the fact that they offer discounts for only a day. This means you can get flash sales.

It is important to confirm that designer goods purchased online are genuine. Join me today to find out if Gilt is legit.

Gilt Review

Gilt was founded in 2007 with Vente-Privee inspiration. Their headquarters are located in Brooklyn, New York. They are part the Rue Gilt Groupe company, which is an e-commerce organisation.

Gilt operates out of several warehouses located in NYC, Las Vegas and Nevada. Gilt began with accessories and apparel for women, but they added menswear to their line in 2008.

They also started to acquire more luxury brands. They transferred Hudson’s Bay Company’s company power to Rue La La by 2018.

Is Gilt Legit?

You should verify that any online purchase, especially for expensive items, is legitimate. This is also true for online shopping.

My opinion is that

Although Gilt is legitimate, users have given mixed reviews. They also sell authentic products from designers like Dior and LV, as well as their own brands. You can be sure that you are buying the genuine deal because most products come with warranties.

Gilt isn’t your average discount store. How does it work?

How does Gilt work?

To view all sales, sign up to become a member. It is completely free. You will then be able to view all sales and discounts, and even receive additional discounts.

Most sales last for a few days. You can save as much as 30% to 80% by using your rewards points.

You can shop their sales or browse their categories. The Store claims they source only items from verified independent vendors.

Gilt Products

Gilt began with accessories and apparel for women. They now have nearly everything you could need, but they are all very high-end.

There are many designer brands such as Dior, Chanel, YSL and Chanel. You can also find their in-house brands, such as Alex+Alex, among the many designers.

Gilt offers everything you need, including clothes, shoes and bags, as well as jewelry, bedding, and other lifestyle products like duvets, pillows, and accessories. Gilt also offers travel deals to exotic destinations like Italy and dinner reservations at top-quality restaurants.

Gilt Shipping Policy

Gilt will deliver to all places in America, except for a handful of places that cost $9.99. You might pay more depending on your weight and where you live.

Gilt usually ships within 3 to 9 business day, but some users have reported that they ship faster. Some customers experienced delayed shipping, but this could be due to Covid-19.

Gilt Unlimited Program members get free shipping for 30 consecutive days, after spending $9.99

Gilt Return Policy

Customers also found that their return policy was not very impressive. Two options are available.

If you return it within 30 days, in the original packaging, you can get a full refund. It must be returned to their warehouses for a $9.99 charge.

Another option is to get store credit, which can be used next time you shop. Most refunds are processed within 7-10 days.

Customers are satisfied with Gilt

After doing some Internet searches, I discovered that Gilt had mixed to poor reviews.

Trustpilot states that Gilt is only worthy of a 1.5/5, which is considered poor among the 400+ reviews. They delivered fake products to many customers, which was the common theme of all complaints. Also, some packages weren’t shipped and it was difficult to get refunds.

SiteJabber gives Gilt a favorable review with a 3.34/5 rating based on 1200+ user reviews. The positive reviews received from customers reflected on good deals and prompt customer service. They are actually ranked fourth in the USA’s top consignment shops.

Alternatives to Gilt

You are correct. Two of the most popular websites are mine.

Rue La La – Rue La La, the parent company of Rue La La, is one of the most popular consignment shops with huge discounts. You won’t be scammed on designer products. Designer goods and a variety of home decor can be discounted up to 70%

6pm – 6pm is the best time to shop for designer brands such as Calvin Klein or Adidas at an affordable price. You will find great discounts on all things nice, including clothes and accessories. They are known for their flash sales in the early morning, which are often the highlight of 6pm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q1# Does Gilt sell authentic designer goods?

Ans. Gilt is extremely insistent about the authenticity of their designer goods. They only source from legitimate vendors and are checked by experts. You will also be provided with warranties to further assure you that your legit-branded products are safe.

Q2# Which types of payments are available at Gilt

Ans. You can pay at Gilt with your credit/debit card. You can also pay in installments with Afterpay, a special payment system at Gilt. There are four options to pay in just a few weeks, and there is no interest.

Q3# Contact Gilt for Customer Support?

Ans. Gilt offers a hotline that you can call during business hours to ask any questions. Their online form allows you to send them a message, or direct email. Most of their responses are quick and accurate.


Voilà, all the information you need to decide on this question. Is Gilt legit? Gilt is not perfect, but they seem to be legitimate.

Gilt is a great way to save money, but be sure to understand what you’re buying. You can save money and still look like a million dollars.

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