Is Missguided Legit or Scam?

Hello! Are you a fashion-holic? You’ve likely come across Missguided at least once.

They are a well-known brand in the fast-fashion world. You can find cute and affordable items, as well as great deals!

You’ve also heard of some controversies. You might be wondering about their real deal!

Is Missguided legitimate? Let me assure you, I have a complete list of information about the site. In no time, you’ll be able to decide if they are worth your money.

Missguided Review

Below is my honest review of Missguided. This review is based on many purchases. You’ll find everything you need to know about Missguided.

They are legit? What are they like? How do they work? You will also find information about their website content, policies, and customer feedback. You’ll soon be able to spot scams after reading this. We’re done!

What is Missguided?

Missguided is a reiting shop that houses multi-chain designers. They are a UK-based brand. They offer a range of sizes, including tall, petite and plus sizes.

They have a wide range of accessories and clothing for women aged 16 to 35. Each week, they claim to have 150 new products. Missguided follows a fast fashion trend to bring you chic and comfortable fashion items.

Missguided is it legit?

Okay, let’s get to it.

Missguided is a fraud? They won’t steal your money. They won’t charge your credit card without sending you an invoice.

You can find enough customer reviews to confirm that they deliver on their promises and are genuine in what they do.

But are they always reliable and the best? Perhaps no. Although most customers are not satisfied with the site, many praise its affordability and ease of use.

They are legit in one word. However, you must still filter the products that you want to purchase to ensure the best quality.

Missguided Features

  • Fashion: Oh my! Everyone raves about their dresses. There are many options, from casual summer dresses to elegant formal gowns. This section will help you find the perfect, fitted dress. Many of their dresses are available at discounted prices and sweet deals. They have something for everyone.
  • Fashion: Clothes is a huge industry. Missguided is well aware of this fact. They created a clothing section filled with tops and bottoms, coats, outer wear, and denim. There are many more. All of their fashion picks are top-selling fast fashion. Their clothing deals are often the talk of the Internet. Check them out!
  • Shoes & Accessories: We love good shoes at a bargain price. Accessories are also available! There is a section for shoes, from sandals, toettos, flats, and formal shoes. They also have belts, bags, jewellry and phone cases. They have it all. This section will have something for you. This section is a must-see for anyone who wants to make a good impression. You can also get cute hoop earrings.
  • BeautyIconic London, Maybelline and The Gypsy are just a few of the amazing makeup brands that you can get your hands on. Highlighter, eyeshadows, mascara, and face makeup. You can find your next favorite makeup item here, ladies.
  • Revenue: They are the talk of the internet. You can find sales on almost everything. You can find a wide range of clothing, including tops, bottoms, nightwear, and lingeries. Do you want to save money? Missguided is your place.
  • Playboy and Missguided have teamed up to bring you some of their coolest outfits. These outfits will grab your attention because of their neon and shimmery street style look. They are a must-have for any street style lover. They are sultry, feminine, and even more cool. They’re perfect for the ‘gram.
  • Shop according to trend/occasion/fit They also do you a favor by slicing like this. You can select the exact style, occasion, and fit that you want. For a casual day, wear loose-fitting t-shirts or dress up for prom. Get yours now!
  • The Summer Shop: All summery items here. This is all I have to say. To see more beautiful, flowing and flowery picks, you can head on over.
  • Swimming: Swimwear’s you can’t forget about. Here are the cutest bikinis, one-pieces and other swimwear. You can find the best pair for you. You’ll feel radiant at the pool or beach!
  • Loungewear: Lingerie, night wear. All of these items are available for you to view and enjoy. They are known for having some amazing deals in this section.
  • Clearance – There are some gems in the clearance section. Most of them at extremely low prices. That’s enough. We must now all hustle and get our inexpensive pairs of goodies! Let’s go!

Contact Information & Website Missguided

Their website is trendy and easy to navigate. Its signature branding color is soft pink, white, and black. It shouts “Missguided”.

Missguided is a great way to catch attention again. Your clearance, sales, and discounts get you more attention.

You will find the site easy to use. If you have any questions about your order, they can be reached at 020 34717680. You can also tweet them directly or Facebook direct message.

Within one hour, they reply. It’s so convenient and wonderful!

Sometimes, that’s all retailers need!

What is Deos’ Misguided Work?

It’s quite simple how Missguided does this. It’s just like any other retail shop!

These shops sell the most trendy pieces. Missguided is just one example. Simply browse their vast selection of fashion accessories, clothing and other items.

Click to purchase, enter any code, pay and your order is complete! You will receive your exciting goodies in no time. The amazing looks will allow you to achieve a cool, sleek and stylish look.

They have also collaborated with PlayBoy! These are some of the biggest names in the industry.

Missing Shipping and Returns Policy

The shipping policy of their company is as follows:

Delivery to the EU takes 7 working days. They cost 8EUR. Express delivery to the EU takes about 1-2 working days. This will cost you 12EUR.

You can also find separate shipping policies for Austria or other EU countries here.

Their returns policy states that you can return your money in an average of 14 days. It is important to indicate on the delivery note which items you are returning. You can find more information here.

Ratio of Missguided Customers

Missguided is rated at 1.7 stars. They’re not very good.

They have sometimes fooled customers with things that don’t look exactly like the photos in the past. Many customers have complained that the items don’t fit properly.

There are also allegations that they have violated workers’ rights. This is the one strike!

Ouch. Let’s not forget to be open to their improvements and wish them well. They aren’t a bad company, except for some controversy.

Customers were very happy and said great things about us.


Missguided has been revealed! They’re actually not bad. They’re quite fun to explore.

Let’s get out there and give Missguided another chance. Some of their deals are just too tempting! Oh my God, I just can’t stop!

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