Is PeopleWhiz Legit or Scam?

Do you need to discreetly check the background of your potential boyfriend? PeopleWhiz is a great option.

Let me tell you about the public record site in America if you haven’t yet. It is used by people all over the world to check their background.

PeopleWhiz is legit? Continue reading to learn more about this site.

PeopleWhiz Review

PeopleWhiz was established in 2017 by a group. To create a database that allows you to find information about someone.

They claim they have more than 67 trillion public records. You can access them at a cost. You can now easily screen for a boyfriend or relative with affordable prices.

PeopleWhiz designed the site to be simple and easy for anyone with less technical skills. Any information, including mugshots and criminal records, can be accessed.

Is PeopleWhiz legit?

Yes, I do know that you are dying to find out the verdict. If you want to know the verdict:

PeopleWhiz is safe and legal, but there aren’t many positive reviews. They are A+ accredited by Better Business Bureau, which means they are more than safe. CNN and Forbes have also mentioned them as reliable websites for background checks.

There you go!

What does PeopleWhiz do?

You will get access to a form when you sign up for membership. The form allows you to enter the name, address and state of your target.

This is the basic search that only includes the name and the city. If you still haven’t found the information you are looking for, you can opt to use the advanced search.

There are two additional information boxes that appear. They are the age and middle names. You will most likely find the information you need by entering those fields. A thorough search can take between 2 and 3 minutes.

What can you find at PeopleWhiz

What information can you find at PeopleWhiz then? There are many types of information that are available to the public.

You will find the criminal history of most people here if you search. You will also find his/her mugshots and criminal records, as well as any offender lists.

You can search for your biological parents or long-lost cousins by looking up their phone numbers. You can also obtain birth certificates, school transcripts, and marriage and divorce records.

What is the pricing plan for PeopleWhiz

Although I tried to find out their pricing, there was not much information on the website. However, other users mentioned that they offer three pricing plans.

The price for a month of unlimited report searches is $30 The price for their 3-month plan is $26 per monthly.

You can also opt for a $2 only phone number lookup plan that allows unlimited searches and costs only $2. For advice and customized plans, contact the hotline 24/7.

PeopleWhiz Customer Feedback

You are here to find out what PeopleWhiz users actually think. To bring you the truth, I scoured many trust websites.

Site Jabber states that the site’s score is just 1.08/5. This suggests that they are not very useful or worth the cost. The majority of people believe that the cost of the information in the database is too high and can be found elsewhere.

PeopleWhiz also has a rating similar to Pissed Consumer, which is 1.3/5 based only on a few reviews. SiteJabber complaints are similar, with one stating that the site is not worth its price. One complained that the site was a complete ripoff.

PeopleWhiz Alternatives

You can also use other background checking websites to get more information. These are:

Truth Finder: They have been ranked among the best background search services. You will not be committing any crime because they are compliant with all national privacy laws. You can choose from a variety of price plans. It is another FCRA compliant website which allows you to search individuals based on names and states. They are slightly more expensive than PeopleWhiz but have received more positive reviews online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q1# Contact PeopleWhiz Customer Service.

Ans. They can be reached at their number at any time and any day. You can call them at the number provided on the site.

Q2# Can I use PeopleWhiz to do international searches?

Ans PeopleWhiz is only available within the USA. All records and histories are American so they cannot be used in other countries.

Q3# How can I delete my personal information from PeopleWhiz

Ans. You can, and it’s completely free! Sign up and wait at least five days before you can use the membership.


PeopleWhiz is a great site to find blind dates. What’s the verdict on PeopleWhiz? Is PeopleWhiz legitimate?

It’s possible to say yes or no. Despite mixed reviews, Better Business Bureau still approves it. This means that they are reliable.

PeopleWhiz is a great tool for checking a person’s history or your own. You may be surprised at what you discover.

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