Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Monoblos Location

Monoblos Monster Hunter Stories 2 – Wondering where you can find Monoblos in MH Stories 2 ? Don’t worry, we got you.

Monster Hunter Stories: Wings of Ruin is where to find Monoblos

Monoblos – Stats and Information – Monstipedia

Rarity 5
Genus Flying Wyvern
Attack Type Power
Growth Quick
Horseback Riding Roar / Ground Dive
Habitat Alcala
Weakness Thunder
Kinship Skill Demolition Dash– Charges at high speed with its huge horn. The sharpened horn cuts through the opponent like a sword master’s blade. One enemy is damaged.

Monoblos is a Royal Monster found in Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin. It is a rarity of 5 and one of the most valuable Monsters for party members early in the game. It is very strong in defense stats. It is not as good at attacking. It is still better than the Rarity 2 or Rarity 3 monsters you will encounter in the wild. Monoblos is the second Royal Monster you will find in Alcala. The Tigrex is the other Royal Monster.

Its Riding Activities, Roar, and Ground Dive are not very useful. They are useful in certain situations. Roar can be very useful in areas where there are too many creatures. Roar is useful if you want to simply walk past a group monsters and not engage in battle. Ground Dive is a skill that you can only use in the early games. Monoblos is a great addition to any party. It is a Royal, I suppose.

Monoblos – Location

Monoblos can be found at the Harzgai Rocky Hill. If you have unlocked the Catavan Stand, you can land directly on Harzgai Rocky Hill. You can unlock it by continuing to complete the Story missions. Here’s the exact location for Monoblos on Harzgai Rocky Hill.

Monoblos: How to defeat it

Monoblos is a difficult Monster to beat in the early games. You will likely go down quickly if your level isn’t high enough and you don’t use your attacks well.

Before you fight Monoblos, make sure to get at least level 20-21 Fighting Monoblos isn’t as easy as fighting Tigrex. If you do enough damage to Tigrex, then you can win. This won’t work.

Monoblos performs this after a few turns. It uses its Ground Dive ability to go underground. All your attacks will be missed during this period. Monoblos will not be hit. For 3 turns, the monster will continue to attack you until your turn ends. What should you do?

This is what I did: I forged a sword and shield-type weapon and used it to fight. You might be wondering why? Each Sword & Shield weapon has a skill called Guardian. This skill greatly reduces the damage received in each turn. Once Monoblos is underground, you can start using the Guard skill until it emerges. Keep enough potions in your inventory to use on your Monster whenever it is hit. Half the battle is won if you survive the ‘Ground Dive’ phase.

[Note: This guide was created for new players. If you are already at level 9000, this guide is not for you. ]

Monoblos: How to catch them

To catch or get a Monoblos, it is necessary to make it Retreat. If you remove it completely, it will be impossible to catch it.

Paintballs can be purchased at the Rutoh Village Market. Paintball increases the chance of a monster retreating for three turns. It is most effective on low HP monsters. A single paintball costs 200 Zenny. Paintballs can be thrown by lowering the Monoblos health bar to between 10 and 15% It is possible to beat it in the next three turns. If all goes according to plan, the Monoblos will Retreat. After it retreats, you will see a Monster Den appear nearby. It is marked on the Map with a green Den icon. You can enter the Den by looking for the Nest of Monblos. Once you have found it, grab the Egg and go out. You can now visit the Stables to hatch the egg. Congratulations! Congratulations! You can now ground dive and farm ores.

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