Google Pixel 4 is oh so awesome [Review]

I’m an Apple iPhone user — a rather satisfied one at that. More specifically, my regular day-to-day smartphone is the iPhone 8 Plus. Why haven’t I upgraded to a newer model? Well, I didn’t want to give up the Touch ID fingerprint reader, and I am not a fan of the…

How to FaceTime on Mac

We can’t all be with our family and friends all of the time (especially right now!), but that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘see’ them. As long as your relatives and friends have an Apple device they can use the FaceTime app and you can video call them, we’ll explain…

Transfer data between Android phones without overwriting

Data transfer is complicated when it comes to phones. You can move photos and videos easily enough, and sometimes music can be transferred too if it isn’t DRM protected but a phone has more than just photos and media. It has apps, contacts, call logs, messages, and more.

Stream Free IPTV, Movies, TV [2020]

The FreeFlix HQ Android APK allows you to stream movies and TV from pubic websites on the internet. It is an alternative to the old Terrarium app, a multi-source scraping addon that specializes in pulling content off of the internet to stream on your Android Box. What is…

The Great Graphing Calculator Ripoff

This issue, which we first discussed back in 2015, is back in the news again with a recent report on how Texas Instruments has continued to monopolize math classes. The situation with the Ti-83 Plus has improved a bit, with the cost falling to around $70, but many if not…

Collecting better data without killing people

Historically, there has been no safe, non-invasive and/or efficient method with deep penetration for modulating the human brain in vivo—stimulating or suppressing certain brain processes in a living person. Ultrasound, however, offers a promising approach, especially when…

How to access ExFat file systems on Ubuntu Linux

ExFat is a file system format for SD cards used in smartphones and digital cameras. In Linux 5.4, Microsoft plans to bring the drivers for this file system to the kernel. However, version 5.4 is a long way off, and if you’re on Ubuntu, you’ll be waiting for a while. The…

How To Set Up A New Mac or MacBook

In this article we explain how to set up a new Mac and get started with your new computer. We’ll look at switching on your Mac, running through the setup process, entering your account details and transferring data from an old Mac (or Windows PC). Step 1: Make sure that…