120 Samoan Names – Polynesian Names – Pacific Islander Baby Names for Boys and Girls

This article contains beautiful and unique names that you’ll love if you’re looking for names from the Pacific Islands and Samoan for your baby boy or girl. These names are in high demand and parents are looking for them for their children. We know you’ll love the names we have listed here.

You will find beautiful names such as Polynesian, Pacific Islander and Samoan names all over the globe.

Samoa is now the independent State of Samoa. It was known as Western Samoa prior to 1997. Apia is the capital of the Polynesian Island nation. There are three major islands in the Pacific Ocean: Polynesia and Melanesia.

Let’s now get to the point. The main topic is the Polynesian names and the Samoan names.

100 Samoan names – Polynesian names – Pacific Islander baby names for boys and girls

25 Samoan Boys Names – Samoan Names

1. Alofa: Alofa is a name that means “Love” and the name’s pronunciation sounds beautiful.

2. Artorian: “Available” means “Available”. This is a beautiful name for your male child.

3. Enele: The first Prime Minister of Tuvalu, Enele, was a name that is not commonly used. The name is thought to have been given by foreigners who arrived in the Pacific Islands many years ago.

4. Fetu: Fetu is another beautiful name for your baby.

5. Haych: The name Haych in Samoa is a common nickname that boys use. Some parents give their babies this name at birth.

6. Hemi: Hemi refers to the Samoan form of the name James. The name James means “Supplanter”.

7. Iakopo is Jacob’s Samoan name form. It is the same meaning of “James”, which translates to “supplanter”.

8. Iosefa – This is the Samoan version of “Joseph”, meaning “He will add” to Hebrew.

9. Keola: Keola is a Samoan word that means “Life”, but can also be translated to “Health”.

10. Laki: Translated to English, Laki refers to “Lucky”.

11. Maleko: This is a Samoan version of Mark, which means “Male”.

12. Malosi means “Strength”

13. Noa: This name is Samoan for “Just”. It is also the Samoan form Noah’s Noa, which is believed to mean Rest, Repose.

14. Puleleiite is a Samoan name that means “Management”. A “Ruler” is another meaning.

15. Semis: The Samoan community knows that Semis is a variant of James.

16. Siaosi is the Samoan name for George. George is a “farmer” or an “earth-worker”.

17. Sione: This version is for John.

18. Tala: Tala in Samoan means “Story”. Although Tala is the Samoan currency, 100 Sene equals 1 Tala.

19. Taito: This is a Samoan spelling of the name “Titus”.

20. Taito: Taito in Samoa means “Skill”. There is also a Finnish version of the name that means something else.

21. Tuala: Literally, this name means “Towel”. This name is the same as that of the former Samoan Ambassador in Belgium and current Director of Central Bank of Samoa.

22. Tusitala: This name means “Story Teller”.

23. Uati: This name is a reference to “To Watch”.

24. Vaea is another beautiful and powerful name that you’ll love. The name Vaea means “King” in Samoa.

25. Vasa: Vasa is a Samoan word meaning “Ocean”/ “Sea”.

25 Samoan names for girls

1. Amataga is a Samoan name that means “Omega” (or simply “Beginning”)

2. Atamai: Atamai means “Clever”. There is only one Atamai eco-villa in New Zealand.

3. Elisapeta is a Samoan version of Elizabeth that you will love.

4. Fiafia is a name I personally love because of the meaning. Fiafia is a name that means “Be Happy”. This name can be given to a baby girl who is always happy.

5. Filemu is Samoa’s meaning of the name. This name can also be given to boys.

6. Fiva: The Russian name for Fiva is “Thebe”. It’s a controversial name that means “Fever” and is therefore a controversial baby name.

7. Kenese: This feminine Samoan name is for girls and it means “Genesis”.

8. Lagi: Lagi in Samoan means “Heaven”

9. Loimata is a name that means “Tear”, and many people use it to refer to tears of joy.

10. Luni: This is the name that means “June” and is most commonly given to June-born babies.

11. Lupelele: This name is so beautiful! It is a “Flying Dove” name. It is a lovely name, right?

12. Lupesina: Lupesina is a combination of two Samoan words, ‘Lupe and ‘Sina, which mean “Dove” or “Silver” respectively.

13. Manaia means “Nice” It is indeed a lovely name for your baby girl.

14. Manamea means Sweetheart. It is a sweet name that means Sweetheart to your baby girl.

15. Mataalii is a Samoan name for the Maorian name “Matariki”. It can be translated as “creativity and curiosity, charm, friendliness. cheer, and social existence”. It’s a Samoan name that anyone would love to give their baby girl.

16. Nuanua is the Samoan name for this name, which means “Rainbow”.

17. Olaga: Olaga means “Life”. This is a lovely name to give your baby girl. For your baby girl, consider the name “Olaga”.

18. Olioli: This name is my favorite, both in its meaning and pronunciation. It is a name that means “Joy”. It’s a lovely name!

19. Onosai is a name that means “Patience” in the Samoan language.

20. Penina: The most famous name on the Pacific Island Samoan is “Penina”, which in Samoan means “Pearl”.

21. Rongomai Ifua: This name is a great choice for a girl child. It is a name that means “Earth Mother”. Many mothers love this name.

22. Salamasina: This name is thought to be a tribute to an ancient woman who was known for her strong personality and great character.

23. Saofa’i: This name might sound absurd. Many people find it beautiful at the same time. Its name is “Sit Down”.

24. Sina: This Samoan name is well-known. It can be translated as “White” or “Gray Haired”. It’s a good idea!

25. Teuila: The English name for a flower is “Reg Ginger”. The Samoan name for “Teuila”, is the name of the flower.

25 Polynesian Girlnames

1. Konane is a Polynesian name that means “Glow Like Moonlight”. This will be a lovely name for your baby girl.

2. Alanah: A precious name for a girl baby. It is a name that means “Precious”. It connotes “Awakening”.

3. Maluhia is another beautiful Polynesian name that means “Peace”

4. Kaneeta is a name that means “Sound”. You can choose this Polynesian name “Kaneta” if you like sound-related names.

5. Oke: Another beautiful and charming Polynesian name. It means “Deer lover”.

6. Kaloni: This name means “The Heaven”, and can also be translated as “Sky” or “Royal One”.

7. Kau’i: Have you got a beautiful little girl? Give her this name, which simply means “True Beauty”.

8. Kahiau: This Polynesian name is my favorite. It’s a name that will melt your heart. It is a way to give generously with your heart.

9. Allana: This is another Polynesian name that means “Precious” or Awakening.

10. Anuhea is a Polynesian name that soothes the ears. It also sounds great. It means “Cool Fragrance”.

11. Nohealani is a Polynesian name that means “Beauty From Heaven”.

12. Meilani: The Polynesian Name was created to be an individual name, hence, it is called “Created Name”.

13. Loe: Another powerful name that evokes royalty. It can be translated as “King” (or “Queen”)

14. Luanne: It’s not surprising that your name means “Enjoyment”, I hope.

15. Malia: One of the most famous names from Polynesia, or Pacific Island babies is Malia. It is a name that means “Of the Sea”.

16. Mahina is another beautiful name that you can give your baby girl. It means “Moon” (or “Moon-Light”).

17. Kaile’a: Kaile’a in Polynesian is traditionally referred to as “Joyful Sea”.

18. Halia: Many people love the meaning of this Polynesian name. The Polynesian name means “Remembrance a loved one”.

19. Leiko: This Polynesian name, which means “Little Flower”, is sure to be loved by every baby.

20. Nana: While Nana can mean many things in different languages, for Polynesian the name “Star” means Nana

21. Leilanie: This name was given to my first daughter by a friend in Polynesia. It means “Flower of Heaven”.

22. Aleynah: Another popular name in the Polynesian area is Aleynah. It is a name that means “Precious”, but it also means “Awakening”.

23. Luane: This name is loved by every female. It is a name that means “Enjoyment”, which is why a greater percentage of women love it.

24. Lou-Ann is another beautiful Polynesian name that means “Enjoyment”.

25. Mohala: A rare Polynesian surname. It is translated to “Petals Unfolding”. It can also be translated as “Shining Forth”. The name is a good choice, right?

25 Polynesian Boynames

1. Kaipo is a popular Polynesian word that means “Sweetheart”.

2. Nalani: A Polynesian boy’s name, Nalani means “Heavens”.

3. Kalei: Kalei is “One who works for King”

4. Liko: Liko means “Bud”

5. Loe: A Polynesian boy’s name that means “King” is Loe

6. Mana is a Polynesian baby boy name that means “Spirit”

7. Palila: Love bird? This name is for your baby boy. It stands for “Bird”.

8. Keiki is the name of a child. It means “Child”.

9. Konala is a significant name in the Polynesian community. This name is a reference to the “World Ruler”.

10. Moke: The name means “Born from”. It is used in Polynesian culture as a prefix for a family name.

11. Feleti: “Name From Tonga Language” That’s all there is about the meaning of this name.

12. Kamea is the Polynesian meaning for “Precious One”.

13. Kealii: This name translates to “Chief”. It is well-known among the Pacific Island community.

14. Manawanui: Translated from the Japanese, this name means “Stout Hearted”, Patient and Determined.

15. Halia: Halia means “Memorial”.

16. Name your baby boy Lilo. It stands for “Generous One”.

17. Kanoa: This name is for freedom lovers. It is a name that means “The Free One”.

18. Kalani: Kalani is “The Heavens”, Sky, or Royal One.

19. Kaili is the Hawaiian deity that bears this name. It is a very popular name, but there seems to be no meaning.

20. Ipo: Is your baby boy Sweetheart to yourself? You might give him this Polynesian title. It can be translated as “Sweetheart” or “Lover”.

21. Aulani: This is the meaning of the Polynesian name.

22. Kapena is a Polynesian name that means “Captain”.

23. Aulii is how you know when something tastes good. This is the meaning of the Polynesian name. It is “Delicious.”

24. Keanu: This Polynesian surname means “Breeze”. This name is also a famous Hollywood actor.

25. Makani: This Polynesian word means “Wind”. It is very similar to Keanu, a Polynesian name that means “Breeze”.

Five Tahitian baby names for girls

1. Farahinano is the “Flower of Pandanus”, which is the Tahitian meaning of this name. This is the famous tropical plant from Polynesia.

2. Hauata : This name is my favorite, and I wish you the same. This name connotes “Cloud of Peace”/ “Peaceful Cloud”.

3. Hautiare is another Tahitian name that you’ll love. It is also known as “the sweet flower” (or “sweet flower”).

4. Heiana: This Tahitian name means “Brilliant Crown”. Do you like it?

5. Heiani: This means “Crown of the Sky”. It is well-known among Hawaii.

Five Tahitian baby names for boys

1. Aitoarii is a Tahitian name that means “Royal Warrior”. This name will be a great choice for your brave baby boy.

2. Aitonui is “Great Warrior”, similar to the number 1 name on the list.

3. Ariihau is a combination of two Tahitian baby names, “Arii” which means “King” or “Hau”, which means “Peace”. The name literally means “King Of Peace”.

4. Nui: A Tahitian name meaning “Big” for a baby boy is Nui.

5. Oro: This name is given by a Polynesian god.

Five Cook Island Baby Names For Girls

1. Nooroa is the number one Cook Island name for girls. It’s a well-known Cook Island name that means “Stay Put” (or “Remain Still”)

2. Tereapii is a Cook Island tradition that means “School”.

3. Teina: Teina is the meaning of this name. It means “River”.

4. Teremoana is the Cook Island name for your little girl.

5. Ngatupuna: What’s the answer? Ngatupuna: Guess what?

Five Cook Island Baby Names For Boys

1. Moeroa is a beautiful name that parents will love for their baby boy. Cook Island’s name means “Success comes naturally to you”. I hope you like it.

2. Miimetua is a literal translation of the name Cook Island. It means “let the bones lie”. Translated, Cook Island’s name means “Make Peace”.

3. Upokoina is a sweet name that will suit your baby boy. It is a German name that means “Good-Natured”.

4. Teokotai is a name that can be used for anyone, not just boys. The name “The Main One” means “The Name”.

5. Ngatokorua – The last, but not least, item on our list is “Ngatokorua”. It can be translated as “Unique”, Visionary, or Different.

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