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Many users have searched the internet for a Twitchearnings com site since the earnings of Twitch streamers were leaked online. Twitch is a popular platform that gamers around the world prefer to use.

Many questions have been raised about the security of Twitch’s streaming platform in recent leaks. You are here because you want to learn more about Only reason to post a Twitchearnings.Com article is to clarify people’s confusion about the Twitch leak.

Let’s not delay!

About’s Guide 2022

Twitch, one of the most popular streaming platforms, was hacked to reveal sensitive information including earnings details and financial data from Twitch streamer. A Twitch leak claims that a streamer who plays online games on Twitch can make up to $5million per year. has seen a significant increase in traffic due to its Twitch Earnings leaderboards. These show how much money is being paid to top Twitch streamers. The leaks exposed sensitive information, such as streamer passwords, and other earnings. The leak occurred on 6 October 2021, for those not well-informed.

List of 2022 Twitch Earnings Streamers Leaderboards Streamers

Below is a list with the top 20 Twitch Earnings Leaderboard streamers, and how much they have earned from September 2019. The amount of the value shown below was revealed in recent leaks.

S.No. Earnings Twitch Streamer
1 $9,626,712.16 Essential Role
2 $8,454,427.17 xQc
3 $5,847,541.17 Summit1g
4 $5,295,582.44 Tfue
5 $5,096,642.12 NICKMERCS
6 $3,290,777.55 Ludwig
7 $3,290,133.32 TimTheTatman
8 $3,053,839.94 Altoar
9 $3,053,341.54 Auronplay
10 $2,984,653.70 Lirik
11 $2,863,780.63 __unknown__
12 $2,844,985.18 Gaules
13 $2,810,480.11 HasanAbi
14 $2,551,618.73 Asmongold
15 $2,490,584.90 Tyler1
16 $2,401,021.84 RanbooLive
17 $2,391,369.58 MontanaBlack88
18 $2,314,485.53 ibai
19 $2,311,021.81 Castro_1021
20 $2,236,043.55 MOONMOON

Top Twitch Streamers (Monthy Payment) >>

The following list will reveal the monthly payments of the most popular Twitch streamers. Below is a list of top Twitch streamers, along with the amount earned during September 2021.

Information about The Leak

  • According to leaked information, Summit1G and xQc were named among the highest-paid producers of the live TV series Critical Role.
  • Information includes streamer payments and source code
  • Another aspect of the leaked information was that paid Twitch streamers will be available online from August 2019 through October 2021.
  • Ludwig is 6th on the leaderboard, with earnings of $1M to $1.4 Million.

Twitchearnings Gets Reacted To By Fans >>

Many fans saw look payments from Twitch streamers. However, many users asked to visit rather than TwitchEarnings. com. appears to have been taken down. Google has taken the website com down, or the developer, because it isn’t showing up in Google recently. is the best site for streaming. It has an easy-to-use interface. You will see a complete listing of Twitch streamers, along with their earnings and user IDs once you have logged in to the site. You can also search the website to find your top earners or favorite Twitch streamers earnings.

Conclusion >>

This is our article. We provide a comprehensive list of top Twitch streamers, their earnings, and fan reactions to We hope you find valuable information in this blog post.

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