When Is WWDC 2020 And What Will Apple Launch

WWDC – aka Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – takes place every year in June, and we expect 2020 to be no different.

It’s an event for developers and therefore it tends to be a software-focused event. You can expect Apple to reveal some of the new features that it plans to add to its various operating systems: macOS, iOS, tvOS, watchOS and iPadOS. We also tend to see presentations from third-party developer partners who will talk about how they are updating their software to work with the new OS.

The great thing about WWDC is that we get a preview of the new features that will be coming to iPhones, iPads, Macs and other Apple products later on in the year. That is why it’s such a popular event with the general public.

It’s not always just a software event though. In the past we have seen hardware announcements too. At WWDC 2017 Apple launched the iMac Pro, new MacBook and MacBook Pro, a new iPad Pro and the HomePod, for example. Years ago Apple would unveil new iPhones at WWDC, such as in 2010 when it revealed the iPhone 4. The hardware announcements that Apple makes around the time of WWDC tend to be high end, professional Macs as opposed to more consumer oriented products, probably because the audience for the event tends to be less mainstream.

When is WWDC 2020?

Apple hasn’t announced a date yet, but we can make an educated guess.

WWDC takes place over a week in early June. It kicks off with a keynote address on the Monday at which various Apple execs present the new features coming to the operating systems.

Based on the past few years (outlined below) we expect WWDC to fall around the 8 June. This date is actually problematic though, at least in the UK, because 8 June is a Bank Holiday in 2020 (the May bank holiday has been moved to June to celebrate VE-Day). The US will not be observing this with a public holiday.

We think it’s unlikely that Apple will adjust WWDC to take the UK bank holiday into consideration, so we think the 8 June is, unfortunately, going to be the date for WWDC. However we are hoping that Apple will actually hold the WWDC keynote on Monday 1 June.

  • 2019, Monday 3 June
  • 2018, Monday 4 June
  • 2017, Monday 5 June
  • 2016, Monday 13 June
  • 2015, Monday 8 June
  • 2014, Monday 2 June
  • 2013, Monday 10 June
  • 2012, Monday 11 June
  • 2011, Monday 6 June
  • 2010, Monday 7 June

How do I watch WWDC?

Apple is likely to stream the keynote over the internet so you will be able to watch WWDC on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac and other products.

If you are a developer you might even be able to get tickets to attend WWDC. Tickets to WWDC are allocated via a ballot which you will have to enter if you want to get WWDC tickets in 2020.

What will Apple launch at WWDC 2020?

We can confidently state that WWDC 2020 will tell us about the updates coming to Apple’s various operating systems. It is also possible that the event will include new Macs, more information below.

Before we start with our predictions we’ll recap on what Apple’s done at WWDC over the past few years:

  • WWDC 2019: Apple told us about iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. It also unveiled the new Mac Pro and new display.
  • WWDC 2018: Apple revealed details of iOS 12 and macOS Mojave. There were no hardware updates at that event.
  • WWDC 2017: Apple talked about iOS 11 and macOS 10.13 High Sierra. We also got our first look at the new iMac Pro which was previewed alongside the launch of new iMacs and an updated MacBook Pro and MacBook.


In terms of software previews at WWDC 2020 we expect the following:

iOS 14

We have more information about the new features coming in iOS 14 here.

macOS 10.16

Here is what we expect from the next version of macOS here.


We have details of what we expect to see in iPadOS 14 here.

Other software

We will also hear about tvOS, watchOS and HomePodOS. Apple may also speak about upcoming changes to its apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and iMovie, Music, and more.


Now for the hardware we could see at WWDC 2020:

New-look iMac

With a design that dates back more than a decade a change is well overdue for the iMac. We are hoping that 2020 will bring a new iMac with a bigger display (made possible by smaller bezels and a thinner ‘chin’). Read more about the 2020 iMac here.

If Apple’s updating the iMac we could also see an update to the iMac Pro.

13in MacBook Pro

Having launched a 16in MacBook Pro at the end of 2019 it’s now the 13in MacBook Pro’s turn for an update. Apple is expected to start selling a new 13in MacBook Pro in the first half of 2020. The big change coming to the new model is a new keyboard. Apple’s laptops have been plagued with issues linked to the keyboard design since 2016 and Apple’s no doubt racing to address them. Read more about the new MacBook Pro for 2020 here.

New MacBook Air

The MacBook Air will also get that new keyboard. More information about what to expect from the new MacBook Air here.


Apple discontinued the MacBook in 2019, but we don’t think it’s the last we’ll see of the consumer Mac laptop. We believe that Apple has plans for a new Mac that will use an Apple-made processor and potentially combine some of the benefits of the iPad – and maybe even a touch screen. We really hope Apple has something up its sleeve, and we think we could get a first look at this new MacBook at WWDC. Read about the rumours about the new MacBook here.

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