Snapchat Egg Hunt – Will there be a Snapchat Egg Hunt 2022

Snapchat Egg hunt – Will there be Snapchat Egg Hunt 2022? Although we weren’t certain if it would return this year, or if it would be virtual, the company assured us that it would provide a great experience.

Why wasn’t there a Snapchat egg hunt?

Snapchat had its own event for users, which has made them want more active since 2019. The hunt was not stopped by the 2022 quarantining. Snapchat made it much easier to search for eggs at home.

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2022

Users will be searching for digital eggs among famous landmarks in the app’s selfie camera. To get Snapchat eggs, players must search Snap Maps.

How do you go about the Snapchat egg hunt?

All you need to do is:

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. To access the Snap Map, swipe down on the Camera Screen.
  3. Tap on the eggs to search for more.
  4. Tap on the egg to open the camera. A large Egg wrapped in a ribbon can be seen after the tap.

How to capture golden eggs

You can use the rear-facing camera to take photos if you spot eggs, golden or not. Golden Eggs can be found on Snapchat by searching for them in small groups of colored eggs placed on a map.

Rarely, you may find Golden Eggs standing alone. Each Easter egg is worth 1 point, while Golden Eggs are worth 5 points.

Snapchat is launching the Egg Hunt 2022

SNAPCHAT has officially canceled the popular Easter Egg Hunt game in 2022. This news is disappointing, but you don’t have to be disappointed. Snapchat also has many other “eggcellent” games that you can enjoy.

How can you make the Egg Hunt on Snapchat work?

Open Snapchat, swipe down on Camera Screen and you will be able to access the SnapMap. To add an egg to your basket, search near famous landmarks. Between 2 pm Saturday and midnight Sunday, collect as many eggs as possible.

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